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Jan 3, 2014 11:38 AM

When to arrive for dinner: Ox and Screen Door

Planning on a Sunday night dinner at Ox and a mid-week dinner at Screen Door.

I know Screen Door is legendary for the brunch wait, but what about dinner? If we show up at 5:15 before they open on a Wednesday, would we have a problem getting into the first seating?

As for Ox, I've seen people say in reviews that 4:15 is too late to get in the first seating. Is this still the case? Is it worse on a Sunday vs. mid-week?

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  1. Screen Door should be OK at 5:15 on a weeknight for first seating.

    Last time we went to Ox we got there close to 5pm and waited 70 minutes. That was about a year ago. We had a drink at their bar next door and it wasn't bad at all. As someone who goes early to get in early, even I would not wait an hour for a place to open, even 45 minutes seems a bit much...YMMV, though.

    1. For Screen Door, I would show up at 5 on a weeknight.

      For OX, I would arrive no later than 4:30, put your name in, and go next door for a drink (they will come get you there).

      1. I went to Ox a couple of months ago, on a Friday at 5pm, and had no problems getting a table for two. I also went with a group of 6 on a Sunday at 6pm, and we had a 2 hour wait. Thankfully, they treated us well in the adjoining bar, but 2 hours is a bit long for my tastes.

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          You can get a reservation for a party of 6 or more at Ox.

          Whey Bar opens at 4pm (I didn't know, looked it up, and thought I would share that.)

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            Good to know, I'll remember that for next time!

        2. Thanks to everyone who shared their experience. I'll do the same after our visit next week. Planning on arriving at 4:30 at the bar for Ox this Sunday.

          1. Decided to go to Ox on a whim on Saturday. Got to Whey Bar around 4:30, and it was empty. We had a drink and they put us on the Ox list, and called us at 5pm, just as we had finished our first drink. We had a choice of where to sit and opted for the cocktail bar (not the seating/bar in front of the wood fired oven...I do not know how folks can sit there it is so unbearably hot). The seats are comfortable and we love watching good bartenders do their thing. Justin was 'tending that night and took excellent care of us. We had a really nice time.

            We ate a half dozen Barron Point oysters (some of my faves), an order of sweet breads (not on the menu but ask if you are interested), the amazing brussels sprouts, and shared the Uruguayan grass-fed ribeye. GF has a Fernet Flip for dessert and I had a great key lime panna cotta with a refreshing pineapple-mango sorbet and whipped cream.

            The cocktails we had were great and Justin was awesome and poured us tastes of the wines by the glass so we could pick the one we thought best paired with our steak/sprouts.

            I really love this place! It deserves all the accolades it gets.