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Jan 3, 2014 11:26 AM

Cranston, RI: restaurants? Ethnic markets?

Hello -

Any great places to eat in cranston, RI? How about ethnic markets?


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  1. The best in Asian markets with a little of Latino items is Vmart Its a massive place and you will be in there all day reviewing the items. There are a couple of more Asian places but they can all fit into this one place and not even make a dent in the place. I have been to LaRosa and it isn't that bad actually. Antonio's is pretty good. Asian Restaurants I usually keep away so I cant help you there.

    1. Sunny Market, though their address is Providence it's not too far away at 243 Reservoir Ave, Providence. They sell more South East Asian products. There's also Chinese American Mini Market 834 Park Ave Cranston, they stock more Chinese groceries with a few goodies from the Philippines. For Korean and a small selection of Japanese products try Mirar Market 602 Reservoir Ave Cranston.
      Kings Garden is under new ownership and they do serve a passable dim sum spread and somewhat authentic Chinese food. Dee's Deli 1269 Cranston St Cranston is a great place for a reasonably priced sandwich lunch. Go for the Broccoli Rabe with pork or the Italian Grinder, they are winners !

      1. Red House in Pawtuxet Village offers some authentic Sichuan Chinese dishes. It doesn't hit the heights of the best Sichuan places in Greater Boston, but for an area starved for good Chinese, it's a good option. Same goes for Gold Stone, which isn't too far away on Allens Ave in Providence. They have a whole Chinese menu offering some authentic dishes that I believe may be Taiwanese or Northern Chinese.

        1. Are there any good fish markets nearby? Or would I go to Providence for those?

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            I like Local Catch. Not only does it have a nice variety of very fresh fish but the fish is caught by local Rhode Island fishermen. I generally buy haddock or cod but will scoop up the flaky sweet dabs or John Dory when they are available. Depending on the time of year they also have scallops, oysters, and smoked fish.

            Local Catch is available at several famers' markets, some both summer and winter.


            In a pinch I have found Smitty's on Warwick Avenue on the Warwick/Cranston (Edgewood) line to be a decent source. In addition to fish, he sells shellfish, lobster and prepared items.

          2. For mid-Eastern food / groceries in Cranston: **Sonia's Near East Deli/Market at 816 Park Ave (right near the Chinese-American Mini Mart referenced in an earlier post); **Middle Eastern Market in the plaza at the intersection of Park Ave and Cranston Street.