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Jan 3, 2014 10:47 AM

Last minute saturday dinner and Sunday brunch in the city...

Sorry for the slightly esoteric nature of this question, but I'm making a last minute weekend trip to the city and feel a little paralyzed by all my options!

I'm taking a friend back to SFSU, and will be staying in the outer sunset, but we are willing to travel anywhere else, and we both tend to like the Mission, but not tied to that. i have a car, but much prefer to cab or public transit. Cost is not an object but I think we would both prefer places on the more casual side as far as dress goes.

My one requirement is that they take reservations. I don't want to wait hours for a table on Sunday especially. We are both foodies and love a good craft cocktail.

Would love to hear your suggestions 'Hounds! Thank you so much in advance :-)

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  1. Sunday Brunch in Mission: El Techno is fun and it's semi-enclosed on a rooftop --so if the sun is out.....!
    St. Francis Fountain is fun diner style.. Foreign Cinema, Mission Beach Cafe.. universal cafe...Beretta (cocktails are great)..
    My favorite is Suppenkuche, though not in the mission.

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    1. re: helmut fig newton

      Was actually considering Beretta for dinner. But no reservations which concerns me a bit...any input?

      1. re: helmut fig newton

        Universal Cafe sounds perfect! My one question - a few older threads imply they don't take reservations, but their yelp page indicates they do...?

      2. Similar question from last week, same places are likely to have openings:

        1. Range in the Mission has very good cocktails (and food) and looks like they may have some Saturday dinner reservations available. I'd say Bar Jules for brunch but they're closed through the weekend for the holidays.

          1. Dosa on Valencia.

            If you like Indian.
            Some of the best I've eaten.