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Jan 3, 2014 09:45 AM

Restaurant in Baltimore w/ Tasting Menu

Having been to Charleston's several times w/ special tasting menu, where else should we try with a party of 6

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  1. I haven't been but have heard good things about Pabu:

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        Volt? Again, not exactly Baltimore but depending on where you are coming from might not be much further than downtown.

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          Thanks, have been there and was looking for some place closer.

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          Checked their menu, it will beBBaltimore County restaurant week.

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            Doesn't the wine market do a prix fixe?

        3. We were at Wit and Wisdom last night and they were offering a five course (or was it six?) tasting menu (plus amuse) of locally sourced product. It was very reasonable at $69 with wine pairings available for $30.

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            Thank you. Were you happy with your meal and service? We tried the restaurant three times. I found the service marginal at best. The food was just OK. Not sure how they will do.

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              Service was problematic, with absent server and sommelier and managers trying to jump into the gap. Food was well-executed and we were pleased with its quality. Wine list is a combination of predictable (Cali cabs, Bordeaux) with some interesting finds interspersed. Very knowledgable sommelier. I'm still not a fan of the room, which gets a high noise level from the open configuration with the adjoining lounge, and which doesn't have a single inviting seat.

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                Interesting, you and I are on the same page. We tried, as I said, three times with similar results. Their method of the sommelier checking the wine is interesting. It is done out of sight (almost) of the guests. Last time the sommelier checking wine for another table had two bottles, a red and white. I was seated in such a way I could see what she was doing and noticed she opened one, tasted it and then opened the other and tasted it in the same glass!!!

          2. Call ahead to a place you want to go. I know Fork and Wrench will do it if they have a bit of lead time. Cyrus is accommodating. They are doing a dinner on the 28th of January that is 5 courses with wine for a limited number of people. Bagby is doing the same thing on the 30th.