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Chalet BBQ vs. Cote St Luc BBQ

I'm interested in hearing which one people prefer!

I have recently ordered in from both restaurants, and holy moly, I was blown away by the difference in quality. Chalet BBQ's food was superior in taste and quality....as was the delivery wait time, and the temperature of the food when it arrived.

Cote St. Luc BBQ's chicken was sweeter, which I prefer, however the skin and tenderness of the chicken from Chalet BBQ made up for that. I feel like CSL BBQ gave me "leftovers", whereas Chalet actually cooked a chicken.

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  1. I always preferred Chalet BBQ, but only ate at CSL a coupla times, so really can't really compare.

    However, a few things are going on behind the scenes at these two, similar rotisseries, which can affect a side-by-each test.
    If you eat at either somewhat regularly, you might notice that sometimes the chicken is a stellar work of art; perfectly moist, skin crisp, meat juicy, gravy the ultimate in achievement. Othertimes, it is not as good.

    In general, rotisserie chicken is pre-cooked then let to rest. It goes into the oven a second time to finish, then into a warmer until served.
    The qualtiy varies as to how long the rest period is and how long its been in the warmer.
    When the joint is hoppin and business very regular, the chicken is somewhat consistent. At off times, the chicken can suffer (the gravy too, but for other reasons...).

    For a true test, I think you have to be sure each place is putting out their best product.
    BTW, the owner Frank at CSL started out at Chalet BBQ years ago then struck out on his own.

    1. Were you ordering at the same time on the same day? Delivery wait time, and the temperature of the food will be affected by when you order.

      1. CSL is my preference but really, I love both.

        1. chalet. CSL tastes too smokey for my tastes

          1. if you really want to be blown away, go eat at chalet bbq. there is no point in eating in at csl bbq. i grew up having csl bbq every sunday. i didn't realize how deprived i was until about age 22. On a side note, the rotisserie chickens at IGA at CSL shopping center are as good as at CSL bbq.

            1. Chalet, no question. Plus I love the atmosphere at Chalet and the waitresses are top notch.

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                Anyone remember the Chalet before they installed new flooring in the dining room? It seemed that no matter how well they cleaned, that floor was always slippery. Not black-ice slippery, but a kind of slick-leather slippery where you dared not walk normal. Instead you did a shuffle.

              2. My preference is Chalet BBQ. I do miss the Chalet BBQ that was on decarie/vezina.

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                1. Cote stluc reminds me of the chalet suisse taste.

                  Chalet bbq on sherbrooke is good old style roasted chicken. I grew up eating it when i lived in ndg.

                  My first experience was with my baseball team when I was 10 years old. They had i believe a reception hall on the side street of sherbrooke.

                  1. Good thread. Topic has been a subject of debate in my extended family for a couple years.
                    Overall I prefer Chalet (I have vague but fond memories of the Decarie/Vezina one too).

                    My brief assessment:
                    CSL = drier fries, wetter (not in a good way) chicken, sauce no preference (both ok,neither great)
                    Chalet = greasier fries (less tasty too), drier chicken but crispier and tastier, sauce ok.
                    Can't speak to delivery or food temp since CSL won't deliver to me (Atwater Market area).
                    Even at their worst, either beat New System, Au Coq, St Hubert, Rosty(closed) etc that deliver and pretty well all store bought (IGA, PA, Adonis, Metro, Costco).
                    CSL has a bit more variety to the menu.
                    Battle on ;)

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                        YEAH, whattyamean "both ok,neither great"?????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!?
                        This sounds like heresy to me.
                        Thems fightin words.
                        Maybe don't get banned from Chowhound....
                        Chalet BBQ sauce is one of the greatest culinary achievements of all time!

                        (mostly tongue in cheek, hehe. But really dude?)

                        Funny thing is when we're out and about carousing in Montreal, we'll speak to servers, bartenders, etc. Chalet BBQ comes up and many many people never even heard of Chalet, let alone tried it.
                        We'll get "Is it like St. Hubert?" to which I smack my forehead and mutter "never mind..."

                        1. re: porker

                          I don't know if it's fantastic but it's good but we can't argue with people tastebuds if they think it's fantastic.
                          It's like when of my cowerkers took me to a pizza place saying they have a great spagethi. He loved it but for me it tasted like chef boyardi cans.

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                            Yeah I know, I was just funnin.

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                              then this person couldn't possibly like any gravy

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                                I just went to Chalet. Great meal, great waitress. Only small quibble is the bun. It is just a hamburger bun and quite dry. I would prefer something like what used to be called a clover leaf roll or something like a portugese roll (crusty).

                                1. re: williej

                                  I kind of have a problem with their buns too. I never used the bun and see many others do not use the bun either, they simply get thrown out.
                                  I asked why do they serve a bun if they're getting thrown out and was told that people make a chicken sandwich with it.

                                  Perhaps this was true 50 years ago, but if the majority does not use it, why serve it? Even then, the last dozen times I went, it wasn't even a full hamburger bun, just a single top or a single bottom. How you gonna make a sandwich outta that?
                                  Perhaps thay should change their tactics, ask if you want a bun, and supply a good one.

                                  This also is a small quibble.

                                  1. re: porker

                                    i love their buns! but it may be because i still practice the childhood ritual of making a chicken, french fries, coleslaw, ketchup and gravy sandwich.

                                    1. re: porker

                                      We always order double buns with our take-out orders, and my son makes chicken sandwiches out of them. I guess if you don't want the bun, you can ask them to not give you one...

                            2. re: frogsteak

                              Agree! - Chalet sauce is amazing!

                          2. Thank you all so much for replying, it's interesting for me to read what you have to say, so many nuances. I haven't had time yet to reply in depth but will do so... thanks

                            1. Coming from a guy that has been eating CSL for about 15 years regularly, if I had to choose at gun point, I would go for Chalet BBQ but both are amazing in different ways. The chalet BBQ sauce must have something chemical in it that makes it so good. Their fries also have a distinct taste that sets them apart. In terms of coleslaw I have to go with CSL, just amazing, the Chalet one is not bad but the portion size is really a joke.The chicken is usually moist and tender at both places, the main difference I find is the taste of the skin, which seems roasted a little more at Chalet.