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Jan 3, 2014 09:16 AM

Chalet BBQ vs. Cote St Luc BBQ

I'm interested in hearing which one people prefer!

I have recently ordered in from both restaurants, and holy moly, I was blown away by the difference in quality. Chalet BBQ's food was superior in taste and was the delivery wait time, and the temperature of the food when it arrived.

Cote St. Luc BBQ's chicken was sweeter, which I prefer, however the skin and tenderness of the chicken from Chalet BBQ made up for that. I feel like CSL BBQ gave me "leftovers", whereas Chalet actually cooked a chicken.

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  1. I always preferred Chalet BBQ, but only ate at CSL a coupla times, so really can't really compare.

    However, a few things are going on behind the scenes at these two, similar rotisseries, which can affect a side-by-each test.
    If you eat at either somewhat regularly, you might notice that sometimes the chicken is a stellar work of art; perfectly moist, skin crisp, meat juicy, gravy the ultimate in achievement. Othertimes, it is not as good.

    In general, rotisserie chicken is pre-cooked then let to rest. It goes into the oven a second time to finish, then into a warmer until served.
    The qualtiy varies as to how long the rest period is and how long its been in the warmer.
    When the joint is hoppin and business very regular, the chicken is somewhat consistent. At off times, the chicken can suffer (the gravy too, but for other reasons...).

    For a true test, I think you have to be sure each place is putting out their best product.
    BTW, the owner Frank at CSL started out at Chalet BBQ years ago then struck out on his own.

    1. Were you ordering at the same time on the same day? Delivery wait time, and the temperature of the food will be affected by when you order.

      1. CSL is my preference but really, I love both.

        1. chalet. CSL tastes too smokey for my tastes

          1. if you really want to be blown away, go eat at chalet bbq. there is no point in eating in at csl bbq. i grew up having csl bbq every sunday. i didn't realize how deprived i was until about age 22. On a side note, the rotisserie chickens at IGA at CSL shopping center are as good as at CSL bbq.