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Jan 3, 2014 08:05 AM

Penzeys adobo seasoning copycat

Has anyone had any luck making this at home? Or should I just buy it online.
I've seen adobo seasoning in the stores and either salt is the first ingredient or there are a lot of fillers

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  1. I prefer Goya adobo seasoning to Penzeys. That said, this is the ingredient list for Penzeys: onion, garlic, black pepper, Mexican oregano, cumin, cayenne pepper.
    No salt, nowhere.
    Whereas Goy's list is: salt, granulated garlic, tricalcium phosphate, oregano, black pepper, and turmeric.
    (Yet that's the one I prefer. Go know!)

    1. I love Penzey's adobo. But it would be pretty easy to make it yourself if you are so inclined. Just a matter of proportion.