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A-Wah opens 2nd branch in old Yummy Noodles space

Last night I was driving around in the snow around 11:30pm looking for food and was just about to settle for Noodletown when I spotted the bright, welcoming A-Wah sign on the old Yummy Noodles storefront. It looks almost exactly the same as before except that the waiter station that used to be near the bathroom is gone, there's a new floor and paint, and everything is clean and new. I ordered my favorite casserole: chicken, salted fish, and eggplant. It was eh, but I was excited by their mere existence in this spot. I hope they do the same late night hours that Yummy Noodles used to have.

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  1. I ordered in from Ah-Wah II on New Year's Day. Sticky rice casserole with crab was pretty good, and it was delivered in a clay pot, which is a lot more exciting than the usual disposable plastic or foil container. The vegetable noodle soup had an unpleasant ammonia smell, though. I'll probably give them a few more tries - any seafood or vegetable dishes you recommend?

    1. Come on! Noodletown is never "settling."

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        It depends on what your criteria are.

        1. Is the menu the same as A-Wah 1?

            1. Just picked up a couple of casseroles for dinner. Love that you get to keep the clay pots :)

              Careful out there people - it's definitely cold.

              1. A wah has been eh for years, when they first opened the casseroles were nearly Hong Kong level, then they got tons of press and Gweilos and it immediately became mediocre.

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                  Yummy always let you keep the clay pot too. Not a bad deal for us, and each pot cost the restaurant pennies.

                  Thing about Ah Wah: after getting some attention it started taking shortcuts, doing stuff ahead of time, which doesn't work so well with bo zai fan. Re the menu at #2: Does the original location have live seafood? The new one has a tank with live lobster.

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                    Actually if you go at off hours it will be better, say lunch at 230pm. When they aren't slammed you can ask them to cook it longer to get the crunchy rice on the bottom.

                  2. Thanks for the report. I had inquired about this on the board about 3 weeks ago but it was too soon.