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Tongue in Tacos?

Where can I find this in Philly? Can't remember the Spanish words for
it; had it once, to die for, in Durham, North Carolina.

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  1. The word is lengua. Don't know a lot about Philly, but a quick google search yielded this:


    1. Pretty much every tacqueria has them. Also some of the upscale Mexican places like Distrito.

      1. Los Taquitos de Puebla on 9th between Federal & Ellsworth.

        1. They have them at Taqueria Feliz in Manayunk
          They were delicious.
          Here is the menu http://www.taqueriafeliz.com/assets/t...

          1. A LOT of places have them, actually. Check out this yelp search!


            1. Heck they even have that in Hockessin, DE at two places!

              1. There's a place called George's, if not mistaken, a sandwich shop famous for their (Non-Cheesesteak) Offal offerings, e.g. Tripe. They may have it, but in bread.

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                  They dont have tongue AFAIK but you can get it cold, deli-style as a sandwich at Famous Fourth St. Tastes pretty different from the Mexican taco style prep, though.

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                    thanks...I'm from North Jersey, but it 's a place to go on my short list...

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                      George's or Famous? Famous is a good deli but not better than what you can get in North Jersey or NYC.

                      George's tripe sandwich is good, but he divulged in an interview that all he does in slow cook tripe in canned tomato sauce. Of course on the good bread it's greater than the sum of its parts. Le Virtu on Passyunk Ave has a similar dish, tender tripe in tomato sauce served with grilled bread and a little cheese. Really excellent and it's a great restaurant in general. If I was visiting, I would get a sandwich from Paesano's instead of George's, then go to Le Virtu for dinner and get the tripe there.

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                        Thanks for the insight and heads up on Le Birtu.....I think I saw George's on a Andrew Zimmerman episode. It looked interesting....and Paesano's is my nephew's favorite Italian hero....or is it grinder down there. What's your take on Tacconelli's?

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                          They are called hoagies.

                          Since you asked, I think taconellis is extremely overrated. I do like the crust but that's about the only positive thing I can say about it. There are much better pizzas around these days, my favorites being pizzeria beddia, nomad (neopolitan style) and Pizza Brain.

                          Many people are still very local to Tacs though.

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                      I was at George's about a month ago and they had sign for a T and T (Tongue and Tripe) sandwich.

                  2. The only question is will you be tasting your taco or will your taco be tasting you?;]