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Jan 2, 2014 08:51 PM

Hotels and restaurants to visit in Paris, France

My husband and I are traveling to Paris, France at the end of March and are confused about what hotel to stay at. Also what restaurants, bakeries and wine bars to visit. We are trying to decide if we should visit the south of France since we are foodies as well as wine lovers. Any help that you can provide would be much appreciated.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Please help dellacookie with the chow recommendations that she and her husband require; as always, hotel recommendations are off-topic for Chowhound.

      1. We lease apartments (hotel rooms are too small for me and we like to cook some meals for ourselves using the fine ingredients one can find with no trouble at all) in the 1 to 9 Arrondissements So as to be able to walk to the majority of sites and better restaurants. Staying further away saves money, but wastes time and walking opportunities. As to exactly which restaurants to go to, check out any of the recent threads and you'll find lists upon lists of what some people enjoy. Look these over. Explain your needs . Make up a trial food plan for your stay & I guarantee at least I will critique it.

        As to Aix, we are making our 1st visit there this June and can't wait to hear what advice you get. We're staying in a b&b in town.

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          How long will you be in Aix, where will you be staying, will you have a car, and how far will you be willing to travel for good food (lunch and/or dinner)?

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            After a month in the 7th, another couple will join us and together we will drive for two weeks. We'll be in Aix June 20, a Friday, arriving from Montpellier, and we leave Monday the 23rd for Dijon. We will have a car and plan to drive in the area. My wife and I usually stay put and try to absorb the area, enjoy the local markets and people you meet walking around. Walking is big for us. This will be our first ever "pack and drive" the circumference of France or any other country.

            Hopefully deliacookie will tell us their plans, too.

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              I'd suggest visiting the Luberon on Sunday the 22nd - maybe leave Aix early and head to Lourmarin for coffee (sit at a café in Place Ormeau & watch the people go by) - & then go to le Castelas in Sivèrgues for lunch. (See various discussions on Chowhound & be sure to book.) Depending on when you leave le Castelas, you could visit Saignon, Bonnieux, Roussillon before heading back to Aix for a light dinner. (It will stay light fairly late that time of the year so you should have enough time.) Saturday night (the 21st) will be la Fête de la Musique, so the town should be bustling with music. Recommended restaurants in Aix: le Formal (rue Espariat), le Poivre d'Ane (Place Cardeurs), l'Incontournable (rue de Montigny). Also on Saturday will be Aix's biggest market, which is worth visiting. A nice spot for lunch would be la Fromagerie du Passage (hidden in the Passage Agard just off the Cours Mirabeau).

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            I don't see any reference to Aix in the OP. Are you just recommending it bc you are going there?

            I would say to OP that it depends upon how much time you've allotted for your total trip as to whether you should venture far from Paris. If this is your first trip to Paris, there is way more than you could ever see, do and eat there in several weeks.

            I also am one who would recommend renting an apartment.

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              I need to start my own thread and get out of deliacookie's way. South of France registered Aix to me, but of course there is much more.

          3. For chow-worthy chambres d'hote (B&Bs/ small hotels) outside of Paris -- i.e., including the south of France -- see this thread:

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              Thanks for calling our attention to this excellent thread!

            2. "We are trying to decide if we should visit the south of France since we are foodies as well as wine lovers."

              In visiting Europe, you should always get out into the countryside if possible. No question. You will certainly eat well and for less.

              In Paris, go to Jacques Genin. He only makes two pastries a day: a millefeuille assembled-to-order, and a pastry of the day. You can eat your vittles inside the exquisite tea salon.

              If you are looking for wine travel ideas, then take a train down to Perpignan. Rent a car, stop off in Maury to sample/buy their vin doux naturel. Then its off to see the Cathar Castles. Chateau de Peyrepertuse and the Gorge de Galamus are spectacular sites.


              Or..... go to Troyes, one of the capitals of Champagne, but don't stick to just sparkling wine. The otherwise unobtainable rosé des riceys can be found at the source in the area of Les Riceys. Again, you should rent a car.