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Jan 2, 2014 06:58 PM

Doughnuts in Austin?

Is there any place in Austin that sells classic, hand made doughnuts?

I've been to Gourdoughs, and while their doughnuts are tasty and interesting, they offer a very limited selection when it comes to the basic doughnut: there are no buttermilk bars, old fashioned, or tiger tails. I don't want a doughnut hidden under a cup of sugar.

I've been to Mrs. Johnson's. I've heard they make amazing doughnuts, and while I'm sure this is the case if you're very drunk, eating them fresh from the fryer, but at 8am on Saturday morning the product is definitely much less appetizing. Perhaps I was just there on an off day.

I've been to Ken's Doughnuts on Guadalupe and while they offer some variety including the blueberry and old fashioned doughnuts, everything I ate there tasted like it came out of a box mix. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.

I'm thinking of driving out to Round Rock doughnuts or down to KC Doughnuts next. Are there any other places I should check out in my hunt for an excellent handmade from scratch doughnut in Austin?

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  1. Since we're here can I throw in a request for an honest French crueller? The ones I've seen that are that shape are nothing but cake donuts. I want the eggy kind - light, moist, full of large holes like a choux pastry, and glazed.


    1. So far the fluffiest, melt in your mouth, standard glazed doughnuts I've found in town are at Donut Crown on the northwest corner of Braker and Anderson between Bartlett's and McDonalds. I've never been past 9 am in the morning. I've tried Gordoughs, some chain place on Anderson (can't recall the name), Mrs. Johnson's on Airport, Ken's on Guad, and many others, but none are this good. I even think they're better than Round Rock. However, I can't vouch for anything but the glazed holes and regular doughnuts. My lady loves the chocolate glazed too. These are pillows.

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        I'm not much of a doughnut eater, but my guys insist on Crown for the Friday breakfast treat. Works for me - way cheaper than tacos.

        I really love their buttermilk doughnuts and the bear claws are crazy-good fresh and hot in the morning.

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          thanks for the heads up. been passing that place for years and even grab thundercloud next door but never ventured in. I think i eat dnuts so infrequently i'm loathe to have a bad experience. nothing worse than a doughnut wasted.

          On that note, my go-to is the blueberry doughnut from 7-11.
          but there's nothing really classic or handmade about'em. straight up sugary carbs churned out of a machine somewhere out there.

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            "northwest corner of Braker and Anderson"

            I know you mean Burnet and Anderson.

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              Thanks Troy - indeed, Burnet and Anderson. Correction appreciated.

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                Donut Crown is very good. I give the nod to KC. I think they're chocolate frosting is better. Also nobody can do a buttermilk donut as good as KC. They have it down to an art.

              2. wish i had tried this place, but now i'm allergic to gluten & can't partake. doesn't fit your old-fashioned request, but looks pretty tasty regardless:


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                1. re: dinaofdoom

                  Wow, that looks amazing. It's not the gluten that deters me, it's the large behind. Maybe I'll splurge after a week of good eating and workouts. Just might be worth it.

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                    Dude. I don't care how good it is. I'm not schlepping all the way out 620.. I've had good luck with a couple of places at the Mueller Farmer's market. Round Rock donuts are nothing special and not worth going out of your way for. I prefer Krispy Kreme.

                    1. re: Rptrane

                      well, i live near 620/parmer so those other places are a schlep for me :-)

                  2. no frills dounuts-- that any cop would be happy to eat...
                    Howdy Dougnuts
                    Shippley Dougnuts

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                    1. re: girloftheworld

                      shipley are pretty good for a chain. coworkers have brought in tasty sausage kolaches from there as well.


                    2. KC is far and away my favorite in town. Now that we've moved up north, I'll have to give Donut Crown a chance. But KC...that's the stuff right there.