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Jan 2, 2014 06:24 PM

Seafood restaurant in koreatown

does anybody swear by any seafood restaurants in koreatown? yizhang?

my korean neighbor has offered to treat me to a night out and i want to avail myself of her ability to speak korean!

(i don't eat meat nor poultry)
also, the last time we went out we went to Ondal, so if it could be a different restaurant this time around that would be good

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    1. Wesside we like emc seafood

      Check out menu

      1. Btw. What's the name of the joint with seafood dumplings or mandu in Koreatown ???????

        1. Yeo woo bi for grilled Kstyle seafood.

          T fish for best bad Korean sushi.

          Island seafood for set course k-omakase with crappy halibut.

          But hey, wtf do I know, I'd take Seafood Village over any of the 3 above.

          Emc is owned by Wokcano team. It tastes of overpriced SGV seafood and Korean's seafood naïveté.

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          1. re: TonyC

            It sounds like there's nothing even decent here by your estimation.

            1. re: kevin

              Having been there I would not portray it as Vile which TonyC seems to be implying. Dommy! and I thought it was decent and so did many of the reviews which came out when it opened.

              The photos are of the Fried Oysters. Crab Cake, broiled 1/2 Lobster. Blue Crab Lettuce cups [best dish of the night] and an order of garlic noodles which Dommy! likes. I want to go again to see if the consistency is there or if we come across the problems which TonyC has seen.

              EMC is more of a western-style slightly fusion-y Seafood restaurant. if you want Korean or Chinese style seafood, go elsewhere.

              Would this be a good fit for Westsidegal? I think some of the other places in this thread would be better suited and I have added them to our list to try.

            2. re: TonyC

              I think you've misunderstood wsg's request.

              She wanted seafood restaurants you would swear *by* -- not seafood restaurants you would swear *at*.

              Prepositions can be so, so tricky.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                i don't know what you guys are talking about panning emc -- it's a great oyster bar with good specials and atmosphere and other interesting dishes. Have you been ipsidixit?

                1. re: jessejames

                  I'm not panning EMC (at least not on this post).

                  I will say, however, that the rec for EMC is a bit odd (even funny) in this situation, as I don't really see wsg needing her neighbor's korean language skills at EMC.

                  From wsg's original post:
                  >>my korean neighbor has offered to treat me to a night out and i want to avail myself of her ability to speak korean!<<

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    it was full of korean when i was there and it is seafood, and good, and newish...

                    but glad you found my recommendation odd and even funny...

                2. re: ipsedixit


                  I remember eating the hwe dup bap at A-won -- which was a critic's recommendation -- and cursing at the grizzled mashed tuna posing as seafood.

                  Anywho, re-read WSG's Q, and came up with

                  Won Jo Kokerang Arurang. I haven't been personally as the crab stew starts at $60, but since OP enjoyed Ondal, this would be comparable, and the menu is far deeper, with less English spoken; bring a group. Note: at these hot potting joints offering S/M/L, the difference between S and L is typically trivial, so a small would suffice for a group of 4 after the requireds stir fried carb course comes at the end.

              2. I've had good reports on Wassada from a Korean friend. Anyone been?

                Wassada Restaurant
                377 N Western Ave
                Los Angeles, CA 90004
                (323) 464-3006