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Jan 2, 2014 06:04 PM

Making stock/broth, do you peel the aromatics?

When making stock/broth from the bones of a roasted poultry, beef, veal, venison, ham, etc. I usually add onions, celery and carrots along with whatever other root vegetables I might have in the house (like parsnips) and garlic. I'm old school and was taught to peel the carrots, onions, garlic, etc. I now see chefs on cooking shows and in recipes just quarter./rough cut the aromatics and crush the garlic without peeling. How do you do it? The broth or stock will be strained anyway. Is there any reason to peel them? Is there be an advantage to leaving the peels/skins on in terms of flavor and nutrients?

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  1. I only peel the onions & garlic because I think their peels have an unpleasant flavor.

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    1. re: JoeBabbitt

      Depends on the type of stock. For white stock yes, for dark stock no.

    2. I don't peel onions because their skin gives great color to stock and I get no off taste from them at all. I peel veggies to uncover more fresh surface area, don't know if it makes a diff or not in reality, though. I like them cleaner, too.

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        I peel carrots because they are often dirty and still look dirty after washing.

      2. I always peeled....then I saw the same thing you noticed that TV Chef...primarily the fat guy with Orange Clogs....did not peel. I found that specifically with carrots, the outer skin was tough and did not appear to break now I'm back to peeling...

        1. I just scrub them and cut out any bruised looking bits. I usually roast the veggies along with the bones before I add liquid and I read somewhere once that you always wanted to leave the onion skins on when you do that.

          1. I always leave my onion skins on, throw in the celery tops and middle, and just chunk up my carrots.

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              This is y metho too. I roughly quarter onions and leave skins on, celery tops and stems rough chop, carrots chopped in half then inch piece, garlic smashed and paper removed