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Flaky, buttery, croissant

I am in search of a great croissant in Boston/ Newton. I am from New York, and love the ones at Patisserie Claude in Greenwich Village, (if anyone is familiiar with that gem).
If you can recommend a place to get a wonderful, flaky, buttery, lick-your-fingers-to pick-up the flakes, croissant, I'd love to hear about it!!

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  1. I like the croissant at the Thinking Cup, either the Beacon St. location or the North End place. If you like cappuccinos, give theirs a try.

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      Love Thinking Cup. Ms 9 had a croissant today. BTW, on Tremont not Beacon..opening a 3rd spot on Newbury in the near future.

      I also like Bread and Butter on Cross St, North End.

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        Oops, of course, Tremont! Thanks for the correction. Great to hear about Newbury.

        I was pretty tempted by Bread and Butter last week, but went for the tried-and-true Thinking Cup around the block. I'll get there soon.

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          Just when my office moves off Newbury they get Shake Shack and croissants!


          Better for my waistline I guess ....

      2. I love the croissant at Clear Flour Bread Bakery in Brookline (Coolidge Corner area)

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              Fourth. Especially the Gruyere cheese ones.

        1. Have you tried Flour? I think it's quite good. My go to is La Provence in Concord, MA but that might be too far from you.


            1. Some recent updates to an old popular local croissant thread:


              1. Flour is reliably good, and I've had good ones at Render too; however, the best I've found is at Chocolee on Dartmouth Street (near Back Bay Station). Holy wow. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's a chocolate shop; the croissants are, in my opinion, the real prize.

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                  Chocolee is also the owner of Bread and Butter that was mentioned above. It's a cafe type place that, in addition to the wonderful croissants and pastries, has some really good sandwiches. It's located on the edge of the North End at the corner of Salem St and Cross St.

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                    Just wanted to clarify one wee point: Lee Napoli owns both Chocolee and Bread + Butter.

                2. WOW!!!
                  Thank you all so much (especially for the link to a previous thread on this topic)!!!
                  It looks like Clear Flour gets a lot of love here, and I'll have to try it.
                  Thanks, again.

                  1. Great suggestions all around. I'll add Quebrada's in Wellesley and Arlington....quite respectable as well. Avoid Athan's in Brookline! I once watched them taking them out of a frozen box and baking!

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                      Do not avoid Athans. They make their own croissants and distribute to their two locations where they are baked on the spot. They are surprisingly good as are their scones. My own favorites can be found at Japonaise, particularly their almond croissants.

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                        Hmm...I would be pleased to discover that I was wrong about Athans. So why did I see the frozen box from some commercial distributor?

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                          I wonder if both Science Chick and teezeetoo are right. I've had to-die-for croissants at Athans in Brookline and ones that were just meh. Perhaps they defrost the frozen when they run out of fresh? It's hard to explain the vast difference in quality I've experienced there.

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                            THat is an interesting possibility that I hadn't considered...