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Jan 2, 2014 05:30 PM

Two pork butts in a slow cooker at the same time?

I have an All-Clad oval shaped slow cooker (6.5 quart size).... and I'm wondering if i could cook two pork butts (boneless) in it at the same time? The roasts would probably fit snug and would be about 3-4lbs each (that's typical for the place I usually get the pork shoulder from). Any thoughts if this would work (it's for pulled pork). If not, I'll plan to do them separately (or in two different slow cookers)....

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  1. That should be fine. I've never had a problem cramming a slow cooker full. Plus, the pork will lose a lot of volume as they cook and the fat renders out.

    1. I oil the pot where the meat is pressed against the pot

      1. It would not work in my largest slow cooker, but it really depends on your slow cooker.

        I generally smoke the pork in a smoker and move it to a low oven or slow cooker for a few hours to finish it off.

        1. As long as they fit, it's okay if they're snug. I would oil the side of the crock pot, so they don't stick to the meat. I had a 6.5 lb one that I split from a whole shoulder, and I had to do it in my oven, since my c.p. would just not be big enough, even though it's an oval one, and about the same size as yours...

          1. Just wanted to report back this worked great! I almost abandoned the plan, but they both fit snuggly and so I went for it. Lots of liquid was produced, but the meat shredded beautifully! I lightly coated the sides with oil, but I think it would have been fine without it (because of the amount of liquid that was produced). Thanks, everyone! You saved me a bunch of time!

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                Yes, thanks for reporting back. I am curious, did your pork butts have the skin on or off? I just did my first crockpot pulled pork this weekend with a skin-on pork shoulder. It came out great but I failed to pull the whole piece while hot and once it chilled the skin became difficult to deal with. I wonder if I would have been better off removing the skin before cooking.

                1. re: GretchenS

                  It was skin off and boneless.

                  My guess is it would have been much easier to pull off while still hot. I left mine out to cool down a little and by the time I got to the second one, even some of the fat was difficult to separate (and it wasn't that long - maybe 20 minutes or so).

                  1. re: The Oracle

                    Thanks, am making a note on my recipe to remove skin and pull while hot..