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What's Your New Year's Food Resolution?

Although I don't normally make New Year's resolutions, it seems like the time is right to cook more international cuisine.

Anybody else?

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  1. I need to lose 80 lbs. so my food resolution is to eat less of it.

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      100 pounds overweight here. Must eat less.

    2. To eat more junk food...nothing else seems to be working!!!

      1. To make more items myself... So if I want to indulge, I need to take out the mixer. At least this way, I'm eating quality ingredients if I'm having a treat.

        I just made a batch of Thomas Keller Bouchon Bakery and Alice Medrich oatmeal raisin cookies to compare. They're completely different technique and composition. The Bouchon one blew me away... I never liked oatmeal cookies till today

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          I adopted this practice a few years ago. I can't remember which of the big name chefs mentioned it, but it hit home: if I want "junk food", then eat it, but only if it is homemade. So, burgers, fries and cookies are all fair game, as long as I take the time to make them myself and use top quality ingredients.

          Unfortunately, I love to cook so it hasn't been as big of a deterrent as it should be, but we never, ever purchase fast good anymore.

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            I made the Bouchon oatmeal raisin cookie dough last week too.
            We are loving them. I tripled the recipe,but followed it to the letter. That's a lot of salt and cinnamon! Very good though.
            I made a big batch so I could hand them out to neighbors for New Years, but then I got a cold and no one wants baked goods from the neighbor with sniffles.
            We bake off ten or so each night and I have them with milk. My husband gets his with chocolate chips added in and I think next time I'll just add chopped chocolate.
            How do the medrich ones compare?

          2. I'm doubling the number of garden beds I have with a goal of growing 80% of the produce we eat (my fruit trees are too small to provide enough for us at this time so we will still have to buy some things.

            My goal is to eat/ preserve as much as we can and share the rest. I'm going for zero waste. I'll be looking for lots of new ways to prepare things. :)

            What we save on produce will be spent being able to buy organic chicken, grass fed beef and wild fish all the time instead of just some of the time.

              1. technically not "cooking", but i'll be fermenting foods and beverages for health. this will all be new for me!

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                  Fermenting is awesome, I want to do more of that this year, too! Some of the things I'm growing are specifically for fermenting. I also figured out that I can use kefir whey to make bokashi starter.

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                    That is a great resolution. I am a fermenting fool! I ferment soda pop, kombucha, veg, dal, breads, rice, mayonnaise, soy sauce, etc. Viva bacteria!
                    Sandor Katz is the guru. Check him out on YouTube, he will make you smile :)

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                      I started some sauerkraut on New Year's Day! I highly recommend the salsa verde recipe here: http://www.cookinggodsway.com/lacto-f...

                      It was my first fermentation experiment and was a great success.

                    2. I plan to finally learn more about how to cook indian dals and legume dishes.

                      I already eat a very vegetable heavy diet but am always looking for new ways to prepare them, i'm currently obsessed with eggplant and asian greens

                      1. To cook more simply. At least two or three nights per week. I don't always need to make a production out of dinner. Simple can be fun and tasty. Simple can be elevated to something fabulous.
                        Using three or four ingredients in a dish. Learning more about simple flavors and preparations. Highlighting a few seasonal ingredients at dinner.
                        I feel like I have lost my way in an elevated amount of complication last year. Need to refocus.

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                          I've been forced to go simple over the holidays and I must admit that I really like it. It's fun to be fancy and complex, but simple really does work and sometimes works best, this is also one of my goals. I can't believe how many times a simple roast chicken has satisfied me in the past few weeks.

                        2. Try to eat dinner earlier.Before 8:00. So far it's not working out. I'm slow.

                          1. Find and use "chopped salad" recipes that last several days and that I can take for lunch.

                            1. I just watched "Food, Inc" two days ago. Soooo disgusting!

                              I am going to try to eat only free-range poultry and pork. And as much local produce as possible. I've already cut beef out completely, for several years now. And I only eat wild caught fish, so maybe I'm half way there.

                              However, I am thinking it might be easier to become a vegetarian, as I prefer eating plants to animals anyway. So more beans! No soy!

                              1. Throughout this winter - more soups, more greens, fewer potato-cheese combinations, and smaller portions of pasta.

                                Then once we head into summer - more salads (and healthful salads, rather than vast amounts of cheese, carbs and dressing served cold).

                                All year round - better prepping of snacks and lunches for the office, and better planning to use the ingredients I have rather than constant food gathering. Drink less wine, and choose quality over quantity with alcohol in general.

                                Basically I need to be smarter with my food budget (sticking to it would be a good start), and make better decisions with the amounts that I eat and drink. I'd like to get rid of 2 stone (about 30 pounds) before it's this time next year and I'm in the same place, only wanting to get rid of 3 stone.

                                1. I just saw the '52 weeks of cooking' challenge on reddit, and decided to follow along. Each week is a new item/theme, and you cook something accordingly and post the results. I've added to it for myself and decided to make stuff that's a bit more challenging and new for each week - eg week 1 is eggs, and I will finally attempt a souffle.

                                  1. Eat more vegetable based dishes and attempt to cut my meat consumption to only 2-3 days a week, instead of 7. I grow a garden every year and that helps.

                                    Also to try and cut way back on my carb consumption.

                                    1. I would like to prepare more complex dishes. Most of my dinners are made up of sauteed, curry, or grilled proteins with steamed, roasted, braised, or raw vegetables alongside. Everything is tasty, but I'd like to expand my repertoire on the weekends and go in for more complex cooking.

                                      1. I lost a lot of weight last year by following Weight Watchers, which I will continue with this year, but I would like to become more creative in making low points meals without defaulting to a simple grilled chicken breast!