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Jan 2, 2014 02:27 PM

Serious food in SW Michigan--The Rock at Big Fish Lake, Marcellus, MI

Often go see the inlaws in Cass County, MI. Love the people, the lakes, the scenery, but there's never been a restaurant that didn't feature the same sysco food thrown in the deep fryer or the local mom and pop version of a "wet burrito" (sorry, I'm from TX and I have declared these limp and sad on a good day, and downright frightening on a bad day). I'm so happy the situation changed. Had destination-worthy food at The Rock at Big Fish Lake. Kids loved the perch in brown butter with capers, Husband enjoyed his salmon with avocado sauce, and I had heard the locals rave about the fried chicken so had to try--amazing! Crunchy, juicy, not greasy, and LOTS of flavor. Go to Big Fish Lake for the sailing and fishing and stay for the food---yummy!!!

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  1. shoot, my husband's family used to rent cottages near Dowagiac...that would have been perfect!

    1. Intrigued. How far is this from I94?
      Btw the food is quite good at Restaurant Acapulco in Lawrence, MI.

      1. It's about 14 miles south of I-94. Take the Paw Paw exit and head south on M40.