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Jan 2, 2014 12:12 PM


I'm planning for an Opening Ceremony viewing party and putting my menu together.

I'd like to put out some caviar but don't know much about it, particularly as I've never bought it to eat at home and only had it in restaurants a couple times

I'm having about 20 people so first much do I need if I want to put out enough for everyone to sample(there will be other items such as cabbage rolls, pelmeni, olivier salad, borscht...)?

Secondly any recommendations for a caviar that won't break my bank(would $100 buy me enough decent caviar for all my guests to sample?) and a source to order from?

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  1. If this were my party and I was intent on having caviar I think I would prepare something that I could garnish with caviar instead of just putting the whole tin out for grabs.

    1. $100 in caviar for 20 people to sample? Sure you can buy some paddlefish roe, but it won't be much of a reflection on what good caviar can be. Try Marky's for a good selection but $100 won't go far if you're looking to buy russian caviar.

      Caviar with cabbage rolls? Blinis yes, cabbage no. Plus lots of champagne or vodka.

      1. No, $100 will not buy a caviar taste for 20 people. You might
        try some California farmed sturgeon roe, but I can't really
        recommend it, since I haven't tried it. Check out for the prices on really superb caviar and you will have a heart attack. An OUNCE of Sevruga is $183, so as jpc offers, make something with a "caviar" garnish, then eat the rest of the ounce by yourself!! (An ounce is sooooooo
        little when you're eating caviar!)

        1. $100? No way. More like $600.

          Petrossian says: "The ideal serving is fifty grams per person. You can split that 50 gram tin between two people for an intimate tasting. 125 grams is ideal for two people, while four people could share 125 grams for a small tasting."

          So, for one of its cheapest offerings:

          Even American Hackleback starts at $45 for 2 oz

          1. Russ & Daughter's caviar sampler is around $200:


            It's not enough for 20.

            Agree with jpc8015's post, for 20 people you might be able to do a garnish. Caviar goes well with blini, toast points,scrambled eggs, baked potato. Champagne or vodka as Bkeats posted. Plastic or mother of pearl spoons (these make a nice gift at around $20 each). NO metal spoons.

            Not everyone cares for caviar. More for me :)