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La Nebbia from owners of La Ciccia (Noe Valley, SF)

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Sporting frosted windows and a lack of signage, given the reputation of the owner's main restaurant, La Ciccia, it was no shock to see this new wine bar/restaurant filled on the Saturday night following Christmas.

The food menu http://www.lanebbia.com/menu2/ includes a section of cheeses with accompaniments, several types of prosciutto (jamon iberico slipped in too), a few small plates, and six pizzas.

Fans of cured tuna heart will find it served simply on sheep's milk ricotta.

The format leaves good room for experimentation. For example, the Speck Fresh Mozzarella Gorgonzola Dop Lemon Zest pizza was very fragrant and the lemon and cheese combination reminded me of some of my favorite slices at Cheeseboard Pizza in Berkeley. The crust was thin and on the chewier side, and it needed some more salt.

Given what I'd read beforehand, I was surprised by the makeup of the clientele--- at 7pm, it was filled halfway with families with small children. At 7:40, the children were all gone and someone dimmed the lights. They don't take reservations, so I'd be curious to see if they can retain a family audience at the earlier hours.

1781 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94131

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  1. Thanks for report; I've been looking for some hounds to check in. The speck pizza sounds spectacular, like something from Pizzaiolo as well as Cheeseboard Pizza.

    Prices on the prosciuttos and the jamon seemed a bit high. Do quality/quantities merit?

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      That list includes some of the best ham you can get in this country.

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        The Prosciutto San Daniele Levoni 24 months cost $16, and we were given five slices, each of which was cut thick enough to retain its height when rolled over, but thin enough to "melt" on your tongue. I don't regularly eat high end salumi or cheeses at restaurants because of their price, but for a rare treat, my $5 portion was well worth it and as high a quality as I hoped.

        IIRC, it was served with three slices of thin crisped slices of bread, which I ate without the prosciutto since it seemed like a sure fire way to not appreciate the salumi.

      2. I took advantage of being East Coast jet lagged last week and went on the 3rd at 5:30pm. This was my first time waiting outside a restaurant for it to open!

        We had two very tired kids with us so didn't order as much or as adventurously as I would like but found it enjoyable. I wasn't blown away by the food - I had high expectations based on what they serve at La Ciccia - but did love the lasagna.

        It is definitely on the list to go back to sans kids and order more of a sampling of menu items.

        - Tracy

        1. I guess I neglected to post about my meal here. Walked in around 8:45, the place was almost full but they had one table open.

          The Jamon Iberico de Bellota D.O. Guijuelo Marcos Salamanca was the best ham I've ever had in this country, better than most of the ham I had in Spain. Paired beautifully with their last bottle of 2005 Vallana Gattinara.

          Also had the 36-month San Daniele, they said they have to order it from the East Coast, nobody else on the West Coast cares enough. Great in its very different way.

          Sicilian-inspired pizza with squid ink, anchovies, raisins, and pine nuts was really good.

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            I have liked all of the pizzas I have had here quite a bit.
            For those nearby: they will do takeout, which makes me very happy.