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Jan 2, 2014 11:27 AM

Hy's Waikiki - Gets More Disappointing with Each Visit

We visit Waikiki at least once a year and we always book in a dinner (and sometimes 2) at Hy's. I've been eating here for more than 15 years and I'm sad to say that the last couple of years have resulted in some very inconsistent meals and at times brisk and pompous service. We dined here last night and our meal was very mediocre, and that's being kind. Both the steaks we ordered were flavourless and lacked the flavour of the grill and did not have the dry aged taste that we've experienced in the past. They were edible but that's about it. We ordered Caesar salad for 2 (still very good), a small strip steak for me and a large rib eye for my husband and a side of creamed spinach. The spinach was the best part of the entrees. We ordered and were served and finished in under and hour. It was not a leisurely spaced out meal and I found our waiter to be quite brisk and straining to be friendly. We spent over $300 for the two of us - we ordered an expensive red, but even so there was no way this price tag equalled the food or the overall dining experience. I'd be interested to know if others have had similar experiences or feel the same way - I'm afraid they've lost a long term customer in me.

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  1. Well I feel for you Oceans1. We haven't been to Hy's in a while but it was always one of our favorite places. We've been going to DK's Steakhouse lately which we've really enjoyed.

    I've recently had a similar disappointing experience, not at Hy's, but at a usually reliable neighborhood Chinese restaurant that we've patronized for many years. Don't know what's going on but I do sympathize with you.

    1. Sad to hear that Oceans1. Did you let them know of your disappointment? For that kind of money you should have gotten outstanding service and food.

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        Hi KaimukiMan, we didn't tell them which is unusual for us as I do think it's only fair to an establishment to let them know of any issues you have with your meal so as they can address it. But on this occasion our waiter was so unapproachable and cold that I honestly couldn't be bothered going through the process.

      2. Sorry to hear that-I would definitely contact the manager and voice your opinion. I hold a dinner party there every year for 45 people-this past Christmas week we had a party of 48. Every single person told me this year's meal was the best they ever had there, and I have been doing this now for over ten years. Do call and talk to them!!! They won't know unless you speak up and I find staff very responsive.

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          HI UES Major. Sounds like we may have hit them on a bad night - it was the eve of New Years Day so it could well be. My sister who was in Waikiki after us went and their meal was also great....

          1. re: Oceans1

            Definitely give them another try-it was superb and I am a pretty good judge of food-since I eat out every single meal! That's how I buy my ticket to Hawaii every year!! Mileage points!!!

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              Oceans, Like UES I'm guessing it was a bad night. Friends of mine went for their anniversary, they do every year, and they were talking about how wonderful it is that after all these years the food and service is still so wonderful there. Now I admit, their view could be tainted by memories, but that can be balanced by expectations.

              In any event for the time being yours seems to be more or less an isolated event. Which is not to say I don't believe you. I'm really sad your time there was less than you had reason to expect it to be.

              1. re: Oceans1

                I hope it was just an off night. I have not been there in years and it is contraindicated by my budget these days but it was always great to me.

                Also, in today's paper, there was an article about the impending closing of Futaba (my mother's favorite restaurant). The tie-in is that the article mentions the son of the Futaba owners is a manager at Hy's.

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                  Dear Ocean1-I'm da Mayor-nor da Major-lol