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Jan 2, 2014 11:03 AM

Acqua Santa (Williamsburg)

After discovering Osteria Il Paiolo is now closed and without a reservation on Christmas Eve, we were lucky to get a spur of the moment reservation at Acqua Santa.

SO had been here before, it was my first time. It was cold and I look forward to returning in the summer when the dining room becomes an outdoor patio. The atmosphere was festive. Service was very good.

We started with baby artichoke hearts in garlic, oil, capers and gaeta olives. This was my favorite. So good.

We also shared the octopus carpaccio with a mustard dressing and shallots. I don't really care for mustard sauces, etc. That said, the carpaccio was excellent. I was able to eat around the mustard dressing and it wasn't too mustardy for my palate.

SO had the stewed baby octopus in red sauce, capers and olives. He really liked it. Large portion, he took some home. I tasted it. Good. To be fair, octopus is not one of my favorite pesce choices.

I had the brick oven baked italian sea bream, encrusted with sea salt. Very simple and fresh. Cooked perfectly.

We will definitely go back.

Not much on this Board. the Yelp perspective:

Given the very cold weather, it would have been nice to have someplace to put my coat (even a wall hook or rack since they don't have a closet).

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  1. Good to know. I seem to have an allergy to places that close to a subway stop, justified or not, so I've walked by that place for years without considering.