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Food near Dana Farber

i'm coming up tomorrow for an appointment at dana farber. can anyone recommend anything around the center? i haven't been back to boston since i graduated college 10 years ago, and never really spent that much time in brookline anyway, but i'm just looking for a place to get a solid lunch on saturday before getting back on the train to new york saturday afternoon.

and, if there's really nothing worthwhile in the area, if you could give me some suggestions for right around south station, that would be great, too.

any cuisine, any price range, as long as it's delicious.

thanks -

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  1. Mission Bar & Grill right in Brigham Circle is perfectly fine pub food. Squealing Pig across from the School of Public Health also with more of an Irish bent. Soulfire BBQ for a quick lunch or pizza at Penguin (with good beers and other options) or Il Mondo (takeout and a few stools).

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        thanks, i saw those, but they are 2-3 years old at this point. was looking to see if anything new had opened up.

      2. If you are taking public transportation there's not much around dana farber that's easily walkable. Mission Grill and Penguin Pizza on the Huntington Avenue/Francis Street line are still a good few block walk but have the advantage of leaving you by the Arborway Green line train. Saturday lunch near South Station isn't so easy either: Les Zygomates which would be my first choice is not open for lunch on Saturday, alas. probably South Street Diner is closest and Kingston Station on Kingston Street is ok, and Chinatown is a short walk.

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          les zygomates is still open? wow, i took a former girlfriend there for her birthday...in 2001.

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            yes and darn it it serves lunch Monday through Friday but not Saturday. Ditto Trade which would be a good choice. If you are a walker, other than Chinatown which has a number of good choices, you could walk over to the waterfront. I like the Daily Catch for lunch. Check if it is open on Saturday.

        2. i wasn't thinking - we're actually taking the train out of back bay, not south station, so if there's anything near there that would be worthwhile, please let me know.

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            Not a lot of great places near Back Bay Station but many are open Saturday because of the shopping activity. If you like charcuterie, The Salty Pig directly across Dartmouth St has interesting options. Coda on Columbus Ave near corner of Dartmouth is informal and tasty. Bruch fare (decent not great) would be available at Brownstone, three doors down from the station. Most if not all of the top restaurants in the area are closed for Saturday lunch, however.

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              Flour Bakery is right outside Back Bay Station on the Clarendon Street side.


              You can take a look at the menu and perhaps even have them pack a snack to take with you on the train. It can be very busy but you might get a seat at Flour. It is an order at the counter and take it to your table place but the food is very good.

              Hope your appointment goes well.


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                Penny always has great ideas and recommendations.

                If you can't do anything else, I am not a big fan of Bertuccis, but there is one across from Children's Hospital at Blackfan Circle off Longwood Ave, and the mixed salad is OK for take out. And eat in. There's an Au Bon Pain inside the Brigham and Women's Hospital not far from the Farber...soups and salads can be ok there.

                good luck with your appointment...and with the blizzard coming in, even getting here.

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              Douzo sushi is close to Back Bay station:



            3. There's always The Oak Room at the Copley Plaza Hotel for a more upscale option. It's a block from the Back Bay station.

              1. New England Soup Factory is about 6 blocks away and is worth the trip.

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                  The New England Soup Factory I recall on Boylston closed several years ago! Is there one I missed other than the Brookline and Newton locations?

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                    Where was the NE soup Factory on Boylston? I've been going there since it opened and never knew about locations other than Brooklime, Newton and Salem(don't know why Salem isn't on their web page).

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                      opened briefly and failed there really quite a few years ago. I never understood why (I'm a fan of my local Brookline one and it's my go-to takeout other than S & I Thai)..

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                      There was never one on Boylston Street that I know of or I would have been there every day.

                      The Brookline Village location (their original) isn't very far from DF.

                      My doctors are at BI and BW and a trip to the doc always means a trip to NESF for lunch and to stock up my freezer.

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                        I assure you there was one on Boylston a number of years ago and it failed. It came to mind because I thought the OP was looking for a place near Back Bay station and I was slow to connect your response to his original request for something near DF. The Brookline VIllage one is about 6 blocks from DF.

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                          Where on Boylston? I worked in the nabe for 30 years and don't recall it.

                          I would have kept it in business all myself!

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                            It was on Boylston near the corner of Gloucester, and I believed opened around 2000 and closed maybe a year later.

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                      Second NESF or you could cross the tracks and walk another block to Cutty's. https://www.facebook.com/cuttyfoods

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                        Either one is a long walk from DF...especially on a day like today.

                    4. just a quick note that we ended up taking a short drive down brookline avenue and found ourselves on commonwealth ave. went to the first place we saw, which was eastern standard. great looking space, nice looking menu. too bad i wasn't feeling too hot, so i mostly picked at a fruit salad and granola and some type of scone. the tea i got smelled like bad lavender.

                      thanks for all the suggestions. i'm sure i'll be back up, and probably next time without a car, so i'll take up some of these.

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                        thanks for letting us know. hope all goes well for you and you get to try some interesting food.