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New butcher shop in Manasquan?

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I thought I saw a sign that said Mr. Prime (or something to that effect) at the new italian shop next to the ice cream store last week. And today when I drove through town, I noticed a grand opening banner in the doorway. Has anyone been in there yet? I wonder if it's a full service butcher shop now.

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  1. "Nick the Butcher" is sharing the unit with Agostino's now. I had some excellent pork chops a few nights ago and have also picked up some strip steaks. Generally speaking, the selections are limited with the focus on quality (Prime beef, Bell & Evans chickens, etc.). They have told me that they will order in anything that they don't usually keep in the limited space.

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      That's good to know. I'll have to check them out next week. I like the focus on quality, and the willingness to order what they don't carry.