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Jan 2, 2014 10:25 AM

New butcher shop in Manasquan?

I thought I saw a sign that said Mr. Prime (or something to that effect) at the new italian shop next to the ice cream store last week. And today when I drove through town, I noticed a grand opening banner in the doorway. Has anyone been in there yet? I wonder if it's a full service butcher shop now.

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  1. "Nick the Butcher" is sharing the unit with Agostino's now. I had some excellent pork chops a few nights ago and have also picked up some strip steaks. Generally speaking, the selections are limited with the focus on quality (Prime beef, Bell & Evans chickens, etc.). They have told me that they will order in anything that they don't usually keep in the limited space.

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      That's good to know. I'll have to check them out next week. I like the focus on quality, and the willingness to order what they don't carry.

    2. By way of update, Nick has moved his Mr. Prime butcher shop out of the Agostino's space and into new digs in the South Street Plaza (locally, and somewhat pejoratively known as the "Hip Strip") which is a small strip mall set behind the Main Street shops and facing South Street. Agostino's, on the other hand, appears to be no more - assumptively yet another victim of a rent set too high for the location (nothing seems to have much of a chance to survive in that space, which, although disappointing for the well-being of my goofy little town, didn't really strike home until now and the loss of a place I could walk to and get pretty decent bread and aged provolone).

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        The one "exception" to the failed endeavors in that location is Main Scoop which I believe has a familial relationship with the landlord.


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          Yep. Helps explain why the rent next door to a seasonal ice cream place is the highest on the street, huh?

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            Sure does. As I was driving through town today, I noticed there were a couple of people peering into the empty storefront and said landlord headed in that direction. Any rumors yet?

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              It could've been me peering in (six foot - incredibly handsome). I've got my eye on one if those slicers.

      2. The original comment has been removed