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What's the best sushi restaurant I can actually get into?

Hi, having dinner with friends tomorrow night (Fri, 1/3) who have requested sushi. What is the best sushi place that I can actually get a reservation at with 1 day notice for a table of four? Thanks!

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  1. Via a quick Open Table search:
    You could get into one of the Sushi of Gari branches, I think the upper east side one remains the best, but the others are also good, albeit "modern-style" and expensive.
    Shinbashi also has tables, as does Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya

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        second blue ribbon,,,if you mean blue ribbon izakaya

    1. You could get on the waitlist for Sushi Nakazawa. You might get lucky with a cancellation, which happened to me though unfortunately it was too late to change my plans.

        1. with the snow storm, I bet ya a lot of people will cancel their reservations at top places.
          Should call all the places tonight and find out.

          1. And if you want a table vs sitting at counter, probably a lot of places.

            1. Something to consider -- I tried to make a reservation at Sushi Dojo a week or two ago for tomorrow night, 1/3, and was told that the restaurant would be closed for 10 days because their fish market in Japan was closed for the first week of the New Year. Hopefully, this is not an issue this week at other places in NYC serving top flight sushi.

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                Maybe that's why Nakazawa is closed until Jan 6, and 15 East was closed tonite, but not sure for how many days

              2. Sushi azabu is not well known. But excellent.

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                  The main sushi chef just left. New one comes next week. Not sure what's happening there.

                2. Sushi Zen is a favorite of mine and it flies under the radar. It is close enough to the theater district that it is best to reserve for a time after the pre-theatre crowd clears, but that is reasonably early anyway.