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Jan 2, 2014 08:37 AM

Cleaning out the kitchen - partial jar of curry paste

We're moving next month so I'm actively trying to use up old stuff in the back of my pantry and hidden in the depths of my freezer. But the biggest challenge is turning out to be the semi-used jars of sauces in my fridge. In particular, I have most of a jar of Patak's curry paste left. I stopped making curry after my toddler refused to touch it (multiple times), so it's been sitting. Any ideas on how to use this up in a family-friendly way rather than just pitch it?

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  1. mulligatawny soup could use that up quite nicely. it is soup weather, so why not use it rather than pitching?

    someone posted a recipe in the chow recipes section, so look there.

    1. Winter squash soup, with curry and coconut milk.


      Thai Chicken Curry

      My husband hates coconut and thai curries and will at the very least choke these down without too much complaint.

      1. Tandoori chicken?

        This recipe from Patak's website looks good and doesn't call for lots of ingredients you may have already cleaned out: