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What's your favorite Bird to cook &/or eat?

There are many tasty Birds out there to eat including Turkey, Pheasant, Duck, Chicken, Etc… What is your preference of Bird overall & how do you prepare it?

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  1. I suppose if you're just looking at one preparation it would be duck. Roasted duck at that.

    However I have to say my favourite bird is chicken. Fried chicken, chicken wings, roast chicken, smoked chicken, chicken salad, I could go on like I was Bubba Blue talking about shrimp.


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      I enjoyed your reply. So many directions to go with chicken.

      Duck, that was our New Years Day treat. Love it, love it roasted, love it confit, love it med rare boneless breast, but it is a rare treat.

      Quail's tiny little bones give me the shivers.

      Cornish Game Hen? The big marketing lie. It may be worse then renaming the patagonia tooth fish a chillean sea bass.

      Turkey? Got to love some good turkey meat. Turkey burgers, turkey meatballs, turkey leg, turkey jerky, smoked turkey hash, smoked turkey stuffed mushrooms.....


    2. My all time favorite has to be wild goose very slow roasted in a wood burning oven 'like Mother used to make'. Then any other wild bird except maybe pheasant. Too dry and adding strips of bacon doesn't make the actual bird juicy.
      Just slow roasted a domestic duck for Christmas dinner and made a 'sort-of' casolette which was very tasty.

      1. I've never had pheasant. What's it taste like? Does is cook up like chicken or duck?

        Like many, I like chicken best particularly dark meat and wings.

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          Like chicken, but leaner and more strongly flavored, and with more weird ligaments.

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            I'd imagine having it more often would get you more accustomed to it's flavor.

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              The quail I get is stronger in flavor and better-priced than pheasant. I can see myself cooking quail more often. I don't think pheasant is really worth it for me, except as an occasional novelty.

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                I'd try both & see what might work best during whatever season(ing)s.

        2. My favorite fowl is Ruffed Grouse. We breast the birds in the field by standing on the wings and pulling the legs up to separate the spine and legs from the wings and breast.
          Next we remove the breast meat and butterfly.
          Finally they are dredged in flour, then egg, and bread crumbs to be gently pan fried in butter.
          Only some salt and pepper in the flour.
          A treat for royalty!!!

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            We do the same thing with grouse. It's surprising how much meat is on those birds. We do keep the legs and of course 'she who must be obeyed' collects some of the wing feathers for some 'project in the future'.
            Re Pheasant. It is a very non-fatty bird to begin with so over cooking it is easy to do. IMO there has always been a slight bitter flavor to the meat. I don't have pheasant often now but we used to be able to harvest them whenever we wanted and each time my other family members and I noticed the bitterness. Not off-putting but there. We put it down to what
            they were eating.
            I've never had a 'farm raised' pheasant though.

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              I've never had capon, but I really want to try it - it sounds delicious! I like duck and quail a lot, much more interesting than chicken (though I do eat and enjoy chicken). One bird I cannot get behind, though, is turkey. The only part I enjoy is the skin!

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                i like to roast it, and would smoke it if i had a smoker. i love smoked duck from the chinese restaurants.

                i also love the thai roast duck salads -- they have it all going on! my mouth is burning up, but i can't stop eating it!

                dishes like these: http://www.aflavorofthai.com/2011/09/...

              2. Duck - roasted or with mole, smothered quail.

                1. Smoked Pheasant! Chinese smoked crispy duck is excellent, too.

                    1. favs: ostrich, goose and duck.

                      what i really want to try: puffin, and greater rhea/ñandu (Rhea americana).

                      puffins are now protected though. there is a chance to eat farmed ñandu steaks if one can locate the source. i saw many free roaming wild ñandu in Patagonia.

                      1. So hard to select just one because I only eat fowl and fish.

                        Duck. I usually buy it smoked and serve it with rasberry chipotle or currant sauce.

                        Though I haven't tried dove yet and it's supposed to be very good.

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                        1. re: financialdistrictresident

                          Dove breasts in a teriyaki marinade and grilled quickly over mesquite are delicious.

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                            Dove is my personal favorite. You either need to be a Hunter or know one.

                            1. Had goose for Christmas. Crispy goose skin - mmm...

                              Hands down win over turkey plus we are now enjoying goose drippings on toast for breakfast into the far future.

                              A major disappointment however. I contracted the bird from a young farm couple and this was their first goose marketing foray. In Ontario all meat and fowl must be processed at a licensed facility and that bastard processor kept my liver, along with the heart and giblets for the stuffing.

                              However, 2014 will be an offal year.

                              1. I love Cornish Hens. I don't care if they are just baby chickens. I like veal too.

                                1. Overall favorite - I love turkey, simple roasted works for me. I can eat it for days and days.

                                  Everyday favorite - chicken, skinless boneless will do most days but I'm also a sucker for a simple roast chicken and fried chicken

                                  Special occasion favorite - duck

                                  1. Capon. A roasted capon makes me very happy.

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                                    1. re: HillJ

                                      Damn, I haven't yet heard of that one. Is it from a different Country or something?

                                        1. re: Scrofula

                                          Well when you put it that way :)

                                          Showus, we enjoy Capon because there is more breast meat. Very tasty roasted.

                                          1. re: HillJ

                                            Heh, didn't mean to knock your poultry choices. Just clarifying that it wasn't some obscure species of fowl.

                                            1. re: Scrofula

                                              Oh I didn't think so at all, Scrofula. I didn't realize capon was that obscure.

                                    2. A good roasted chicken is hard to beat. But recently I cooked quail for the first time -- deboned and pan-fried. That came out well, and I like the stronger flavor.

                                      Turkey doesn't excite me very much. I like duck, but haven't cooked it.

                                      1. In terms of frequency of use and variety of cooking styles/recipes/etc, then it has to be chicken.

                                        That said, pheasant, duck, guinea fowl and pgeon all find their way on to our plates from time time. Two locally shot pheasants in the freezer (bought at the farmers market) - they'll get pot-roasted. Also several pigeon breasts - they'll need nothing more than a couple of minutes in the frying pan with a sprinkling of thyme and a splash of red wine.

                                        1. While I've tried the birds mentioned here I'm curious if any of you have cooked squab. I have a source and want to try, as I've been told it's very good.


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                                            I believe "squab" is what Americans call pigeons. If that's correct then, yes, I cook it regularly - although usually just the breasts, rather than the whole bird, as mentioned in my ealrier post, just upthread.

                                            Locally shot birds are available at my local farmers market throughout the year, as there's no hunting season restrictions on them. Always very cheap.

                                            1. re: Harters

                                              Love pretty much all birds, but if I had to choose one it would be a capon. I find a roast capon has lovely juicy meat, gorgeous skin, and an overall clean fresh taste. I use kosher birds because I find them tastier.

                                              1. re: Harters

                                                for your dining pleasure

                                                squab squab squab

                                                from two and a half men


                                                1. re: Bellachefa

                                                  Going goose hunting this Friday!
                                                  They've been in the harvested corn fields for a couple of months.

                                                  1. re: Puffin3

                                                    Sounds like fun along with some good eating.