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What's your favorite topping for Pizza…other than Pepperoni?

Pepperoni is perhaps the most popular topping in every part of this Country, but what else do you like if anything? Do you like other Meats or Veggies? I personally like a Pizza made of B.B.Q. Sauce topped Chicken. On top of that, Bacon is another one of my favorite toppings, although many times I also get that with Pepperoni too, so… I don't like most Sausages on Pizza anymore, but some are still quite good. What's your take/topping?

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  1. If you can find it, thinly sliced guanciale is very nice.

    1. I like the andouille sausage that one of the local mom and pop pizza places use. I'm also a fan of the bbq beef that some Pizza Hut restaurants will use.

      1. Jalapeños, fresh when available.

        1. My pie of choice at the local places I favor is a white pie with ricotta and eggplant. Failing that, ricotta & spinach or broccoli. When I'm at Pepe's in New Haven, white clam, no question.

          Red, I'm pepperoni all the way. Or extra cheese if they use a decent quality mozz. But I've learned to appreciate the Canadian bacon + pineapple pie, which I used to despise. It's got that sweet/salt thing going.

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            Clam and garlic is #1 for me, too. I also enjoy a 'cheeseburger pizza' with ground beef, bacon, onion and bbq sauce.

          2. I'm good/willing to eat most any topping on a pizza (with the exception of anchovies or sardines), but personal preference is fairly benign at bacon, mushrooms, and onions, will-done with a thick crust.

            1. I amlost run it though the garden. Tomatoes, black olives, banana peppers, mushrooms, and peppers. No onions because they are usually still too raw.

              1. good THINLY SLICED spicy italian sausage
                (not as crazy about real sausage clumps, but will take them if the sliced is not offered. but if the topping is called sausage "sprinkles," count me out).

                other items i like are sliced onion, black olives, fresh tomatoes, artichokes, bell pepper, banana peppers, and eggplant*. the problem is, you can only have one or max two "wet" items like the tomato, peppers or onion -- otherwise…sog city!


                *eggplant is actually a fabulous "chameleon" veggie that is great alone and when combined with its tomato cousin (nightshade family). it is terrific in spaghetti sauce, lasagne, parmesan, you name it -- and of course all the mid-eastern dishes, starting with the delicious imam bayildi. in spaghetti sauce, it can really "extend" the volume of the sauce for very little money and without any seeming dilution of any meaty flavor from ground beef. (don't know why i am waxing on about eggplant, but ..there ya go! good eats).

                interesting background on nightshade "veggies" --> http://waynesword.palomar.edu/ecoph21...

                1. Bacon, goat cheese, truffle oil

                  1. I like pretty much everything, but tend to choose veggies -- mushroom, eggplant, bell pepper, onion, whatever. I love artichoke hearts, but for some reason they don't scream pizza to me. Green chile is a great topping we get here in New Mexico. It goes with almost any meat or veg toppings. (Haven't tried it with anchovies. That could be weird.)

                    Most important key, at almost every place, is to ask for extra sauce. Otherwise you can barely tell it's there.

                    When I lived in Nebraska, there was this place that had cream cheese as a topping. They used a wide pastry tip (I think) and piped it all around the pizza in a spiral, under the regular cheese. It got all soft and creamy and tangy. Soooo good. I called all around here once asking if places would do that, and no dice. Maybe time to try again.

                    My boyfriend and I also really like this one pizza from Papa Murphy's with harlic alfredo sauce, chicken, tomatoes, green onions, and (we add) bacon (breakfast, not Canadian).

                    As far as more specialty things, like Thai chicken or whatever, I like them as a one-off, but go more traditional for most times.

                    1. Mushroom, olives and anchovy - then I'm a happy eater.

                      Meats are down the list somewhat.

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                        I will join you gladly for pizza anytime. :)

                        1. Onions. But then my philosophy of cooking is "First, chop an onion."

                          1. Caramelized onions and green olives, neither of which are typically available at pizza joints near me. I often order a pizza with pepperoni and caramelize an onion while I wait for the delivery, then spread it on myself, along with some chopped green olives. Heavenly. Caramelized onions have just the right amount of sweet to balance the salt/spice of pepperoni, and the olives add the perfect bit of tang.

                            Of the toppings that are traditionally available, I like just about anything (especially banana peppers and sausage), with the exception of ham/canadian bacon. I'm not a big fan of these meats in general, but I especially don't want them on my pizza. Also, no chicken. I might be able to get behind it if it were dark meat, but it's always nasty dried out breast, which dries further on the pizza.

                            1. Pizza is a great passion of mine.

                              I like both traditional and exotic combinations.

                              We grew up eating pizza in New Haven, CT. Small pies, with typically one topping.

                              We got to go to Pepe's last weekend when we were visiting family and got:

                              red with spinach
                              white with garlic
                              white clam no mozz
                              plain red
                              red with bacon
                              red with sausage
                              white with roasted red peppers

                              I especially like a white clam with bacon and mozz if you can get it.

                              At home I love a pear with blue cheese and nuts. Provolone is a great cheese on this.

                              I love a white mushroom with a really meaty cheese, maybe a little ricotta.

                              I like any kind of sausage and broccoli rabe in general, so pizza with this nice.

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                                Mmmm. . . . white clam. Add that to my list.

                              2. I like sausage, peppers, and onions.

                                1. Garlic. Lots of garlic. From my favorite place I order a meatball and garlic pizza.

                                  The other kind I really like is bacon and Canadian bacon dipped in ranch dressing.

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                                      Oops! I should scrolled first. I posted the same link…

                                    2. Black olives

                                      Breaded/fried eggplant w/ sliced fresh mozz & roasted red pepper

                                      Buffalo chicken


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                                        I've thought about giving Anchovies more of a shot lately & actually trying some Anchovies on one of my Pizzas in the very near future.

                                        1. re: ShowUsYourRack

                                          Anchovies are great on pizza because it dilutes the flavor intensity of the fish. Great if you think you might like anchovies but feel they are too strong. They are still fishy tasting though, there is no getting around that.

                                          1. re: Jerseygirl111

                                            I keep a bowl nearby whenever I have pizza at home they I can add as many as I want to each bite but then again I love anchovies!

                                            1. re: Jerseygirl111

                                              Are they still relatively "crispy" on the Pizza though or not?

                                              1. re: ShowUsYourRack

                                                No, they are not crispy. I use jarred, flat anchovy filets in olive oil. I remove a filet and rinse off the salt, then place on the pizza.

                                                They look like the picture attached.

                                              2. re: Jerseygirl111

                                                What i wonder about, which may be the same as ShowUsYourRack, is that anchovies out of the can are very different than cooked anchovies. When they are cooked (at least in a pan), they virtually melt into whatever else you are cooking with them. Does that happen on a pizza?

                                                1. re: chicgail

                                                  No, it is baked in a dry heat. They don't melt away like they would in tomato sauce. But they are so paper thin anyway, not thick like sardines, there isn't much substance to them. The bread and the cheese really dilutes the strength of the flavor, but the fish is still there. I wouldn't be able to trick anyone into not knowing what it was. Lol

                                          2. Fresh tomato is a must always for me then olives, artichoke hearts, fresh baby spinach and pepperoncini's. Some crumbled small cubes of feta to crisp on top.Great now I am starving.

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                                              God, do I ever love my Artichokes! Spinach sounds wonderful too, but I don't think it would sound right for me on Pizza, ya know?

                                              1. re: ShowUsYourRack

                                                i like to top my baked pizza with dressed baby arugula.

                                                1. re: alkapal

                                                  Dressed arugula, or mixed baby greens are good too!

                                                  Back when I first started working a "real" job and was living on my own, I'd go into a CPK down the block on busy nights and pick up a Tricolore Pizza. It was suuuuper thin crust dough topped with parmesan or pecorino (?) and baked 'til crispy, then topped with a raddichio mix tossed with balsamic vinaigrette. I loved that stuff. I'd eat the whole gigantic pizza.

                                              2. CORN!

                                                I love fresh sweet white corn on my pizzas now. Usually I'll do either pesto, red sauce, or just olive oil, then top lightly with mozzarella, then tons of blanched corn kernels, cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil before serving. So good, fresh, and light.

                                                Nothing beats a simple tomato/cheese/basil though.

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                                                1. re: nothingswrong

                                                  I never considered putting corn on pizza. Interesting.

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                                                    We love corn on our pizza! I have never met anyone outside of our family who like corn on their pizza! So cool!

                                                    1. re: acssss

                                                      Nope, I love corn on pizza, too, as I posted on the "old" thread that has been linked to thrice now.

                                                      Corn, tuna & scallions are a faboski combo on pizza. As are ham, mushrooms and spinach. Oh, and throw some garlic on the latter while yer at it.

                                                      1. re: linguafood

                                                        Have you had that corn/scallion pasta that was making the rounds a while back?

                                                        I made it once for my boyfriend... If I remember correctly you cooked up some bacon, then sautéed onion, garlic, and corn kernels in the fat, then tossed in a splash of cream and pasta water, and scallions. All tossed with linguini or spaghetti.

                                                        Topped it with breadcrumbs and he was in heaven.

                                                        I don't eat bacon, so did a veggie version for myself with sundried tomatoes as a sub and it was a really delicious summer meal.

                                                        1. re: nothingswrong

                                                          That sounds interesting! I love corn in many incarnations, though I rarely eat pasta...

                                                          I'll hafta keep this one in mind for my next carby splurge :-)

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                                                        My mother turned me on to it with a trip to a restaurant here in LA called Westside Tavern. They served this crispy flatbread topped with buffalo mozz, corn, pesto, arugula, and smoked tomatoes. The first time I had it, I was hooked.

                                                        I actually like how I prepare mine better at home. With homemade thin, chewy, crispy crust and I'll slow-roast cherry tomatoes with garlic, EVOO, and some oregano or Italian seasoning until they're sweet. They pop in your mouth when you bite into them! And the corn gets a quick blanching before going on top of the pie. I've served this to friends who think veggie pizzas are an abomination and they love it.

                                                        Another good add-in is bacon or other smoked meat.

                                                        1. re: nothingswrong

                                                          I prepare pizza at home always. Love thin, crispy crust (NY style)... and I can't get it how I like it anywhere else.
                                                          Your toppings of tomatoes and garlic sound perfect with corn. I think I'll make them for the weekend.

                                                        1. re: nothingswrong

                                                          Here's one with corn, basil, roasted cherry tomatoes, and FOR SOME REASON potatoes. The potatoes were no good, I picked them off, but the rest of the pizza was yummy.

                                                          1. re: nothingswrong

                                                            Oh! I found a photo of how I like 'em.

                                                            This was pizza night (yes, those are paper plates). Me and the boyfriend almost finished these 4 in one sitting.

                                                            Top left: Homemade tomato sauce, corn, roasted zucchini (garlic/EVOO/herbs), fresh basil

                                                            Top right: For him--BBQ sauce, shredded chicken, red onion, cilantro

                                                            Bottom right: Red sauce, olives, and something else??

                                                            Bottom left: For him--Red sauce, pepperoni, olives

                                                            That crust was a 3 day affair, and possibly the best crust I've ever had, homemade or out to eat. Flavor-wise, it was absolutely perfect. Texture-wise, it was chewy throughout but super crispy on the bottom. I just baked at 550 for maybe 6 minutes in my oven. I could tell if I had a higher temp oven, it would have been super bubbly with a nice char.

                                                          2. Bacon and mushrooms. And maybe black olives.

                                                              1. I have a good friend who lives in Rome and when I visited her, we made pizza and when it came to toppings, I asked if she eats hers with pepperoni (a favorite of mine) and she said of course and brought out peppers (peperoncini).
                                                                Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn makes it with peppers as well - absolutely wonderful.
                                                                My favorites: Peppers (all colors) or Pepperoni or Corn or just plain Mozzarella/tomato sauce/basil

                                                                1. caramelized onions

                                                                  roasted garlic

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                                                                  1. bacon, onion & eggplant pizza

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                                                                    1. This thread got me to thinking about a pie I used to make and, for some reason, fell off my "rota". It's a red bliss potato and black olive. White pizza, no tomato sauce. This photo is of my first one. Subsequent attempts were browned for a minute or two under the broiler and were much tastier. If you like taters, give it a try.

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                                                                        Very Napolitana - they also make it with no tomato sauce and with potatoes. Delicious.

                                                                      2. Lettuce salad on thin crust.
                                                                        Mushrooms and arugala on foccacia pizza dough.

                                                                        1. Pulled pork

                                                                          Brussel sprouts (sounds weird, but if nicely roasted it's great)

                                                                          Bacon (duh !!)

                                                                          Thai chicken



                                                                          1. I'm a NY girl; like my pizza thin but I also like Sicilian crust also :) On a Sicilian, to me it's sacrilege to have anything on it besides sauce and cheese..and crushed red pepper flakes & granulated garlic.

                                                                            I'm not set against a variety of toppings for other pies:

                                                                            Veggies, including grilled or boiled & thinly sliced potatoes, broccoli, spinach, onions, etc.

                                                                            Pepperoni, proscuitto & sausage

                                                                            No sauce, just herb seasoned ricotta spread on the crust, spinach, prosciutto and basil

                                                                            No sauce, just pureed hatch or similar green chiles, Chorizo, crumbled queso fresco

                                                                            1. Anchovies are a must on my pizza. Cured pork like guanciale or ham is nice, but needs to be paired with something sour like hot sauce or kimchi (which is pretty phenomenal on a pizza with pancetta).

                                                                              Sambal oelek or Sriracha top my crust once all the cheese and tomato sauce are gone.