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Jan 2, 2014 12:47 AM

What's your favorite topping for Pizza…other than Pepperoni?

Pepperoni is perhaps the most popular topping in every part of this Country, but what else do you like if anything? Do you like other Meats or Veggies? I personally like a Pizza made of B.B.Q. Sauce topped Chicken. On top of that, Bacon is another one of my favorite toppings, although many times I also get that with Pepperoni too, so… I don't like most Sausages on Pizza anymore, but some are still quite good. What's your take/topping?

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  1. If you can find it, thinly sliced guanciale is very nice.

    1. I like the andouille sausage that one of the local mom and pop pizza places use. I'm also a fan of the bbq beef that some Pizza Hut restaurants will use.

      1. Jalapeños, fresh when available.

        1. My pie of choice at the local places I favor is a white pie with ricotta and eggplant. Failing that, ricotta & spinach or broccoli. When I'm at Pepe's in New Haven, white clam, no question.

          Red, I'm pepperoni all the way. Or extra cheese if they use a decent quality mozz. But I've learned to appreciate the Canadian bacon + pineapple pie, which I used to despise. It's got that sweet/salt thing going.

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            Clam and garlic is #1 for me, too. I also enjoy a 'cheeseburger pizza' with ground beef, bacon, onion and bbq sauce.

          2. I'm good/willing to eat most any topping on a pizza (with the exception of anchovies or sardines), but personal preference is fairly benign at bacon, mushrooms, and onions, will-done with a thick crust.