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Anybody else got a kitchen supply made in the shape of their State?

I was interested in knowing if anyone else had some kind of kitchen supply made in the same shape/form as their State. I can easily imagine things made in the shape of the States of California, Florida & especially Ohio. You know, it's kind of fit that the State of Florida has an area called the Panhandle, so it would be interesting to have the State with the Panhandle actually have something similar to it actually made for it, ya know? Anyways, I've got a few things including a cutting board crafted in the shape of the beautiful State of Ohio. It's truly a perfect fit! Do any of you guys have a related supply to your State too?

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  1. I admit, I wasn't sure what you were talking about at first. I was thinking "who has a kitchen supply store shaped like a state?" LOL.

    Anyway, my sister - a few Christmases ago - gave me and our other sisters cutting boards shaped like Vermont.

    I read an article about this woman who forges cast iron pans shaped in whatever state you want. They look super cool. Here's the link to the site:


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      I saw those a while ago. Not cheap! And Virginia is kind of a useless shape.... Arizona could be usable though.

      1. re: Kontxesi

        I was going to weigh in on my state, Virginia. Shape is not at all conducive to kitchen items without rounding edges considerably. And forget about the Eastern Shore.

        1. re: tcamp

          We have the silliest state. I've always thought the Eastern Shore should be part of Maryland....

          1. re: Kontxesi

            There can't possibly be a useful item in the shape of Maryland.

            1. re: Veggo

              Maryland bamboo cutting board. Reminds me of when we were in elementary school mumble years ago. Any failed artwork would become an ashtray. ;-).

              Maryland shaped bamboo cutting board

              Maryland shaped cookie cutter

                1. re: Antilope

                  Oh my god. I bet the company had a tough time deciding this.

                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    Rhode Island would be equally challenging, and I'm not sure about Michigan's upper peninsula.

                  2. re: Antilope

                    That's a good way to teach/influence young kids to smoke early...lol.

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              Yeah, and NY is one of the pricier ones. I imagine I could put a single sausage in Long Island...

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                Most ridiculous skillets are WY and CO. Not the shape, they are the most useful IMO. But $700 for what is, essentially, a simple square skillet.

                1. re: Sirrith

                  Sounds quite a bit too costly for just a custom shaped thing.

            3. re: breadchick

              "I admit, I wasn't sure what you were talking about at first. I was thinking "who has a kitchen supply store shaped like a state?" LOL. "
              That's what I thought too.

              1. I have a cookie cutter in the shape of my state. I have a wooden hot box in the shape of Michigan and a cutting board in the shape of the place I grew up.

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                  I think that those could work very well for most if not all States. Good for Christmas snacks too.

                2. I don't have one, but Amazon sells a California shaped bamboo cutting board:

                  1. We have a cutting board shaped like a buffalo, for Buffalo, NY. I've seen a lot of state shapped items, but I now live in OK which has a panhandle, so every pan is shaped similar haha.

                      1. I'm waiting for the Hawaiian people to weigh in....

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                            or Michigan, maybe as a set of chips and dip bowls... (the UP for the dip - duh)

                            although HI would work for riijstaffel.

                          2. San Bernardino County, CA would make a nice serving tray for a large family. ;-).

                            1. I live in Colorado so I suppose you could say all my cutting boards are in the shape of my state.

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                                1. re: Veggo

                                  Ha that's where my SO is from, so they match his home state :)

                              1. Not my state, or even my country, but I love my Texas-shaped egg-ring and toast-cutter (probably not its intended use, but works for me).

                                1. here are some state-shaped cast iron skillets -- not sure what you could do with Rhode Island, though.


                                  1. Yeah there is someone in northern Indiana who makes small cheese boards in the shape of the state.

                                    1. I have seen cookie cutters and cutting boards in the shape of Minnesota but we don't own either of them. I would find such a cutting board to be annoying. I don't even want a cutting board with a handle or a hole for a handle. Why would anyone need such a feature?

                                      1. there's a store in DC that used to carry a line of cookie cutters, don't remember if she stocks all 50 + DC, (and they're certainly not to scale)

                                        Hill's Kitchen is the name of the store, she's really nice and could probably help.

                                        1. Gift from sister & BIL - Go Bucks!

                                          Now where the hell does one find an Ohio-shaped cake pan?

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                                            I am sure you are probably joking but I have friend who makes all kind in "odd" shaped cakes, the last was the shape of NH. She made a large sheet cake, traced the map of the state on parchment paper. She then laid the parchment paper over the cake and cut it into the shape. It was then decorated with the white mountain ridge, the Appalachian trail, the capital city, etc. Very cool!

                                            1. re: foodieX2

                                              And if you flipped the cake upside down, you have a VT cake! :)

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                                                I wasn't joking. I've been looking for a cake pan shaped like Ohio.

                                              2. re: CaliforniaJoseph

                                                Just go get a Heart one as Ohio is "The Heart Of It All" after all. That will more than suffice.

                                              3. I don't live in the US but I do have a cake pan purportedly shaped like the state of Kansas.

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                                                1. re: wattacetti

                                                  We have a couple shaped like North Dakota.

                                                  1. re: wattacetti

                                                    now Colorado would be rough to source.

                                                  2. I don't personally own one, but they are very popular for my state.

                                                    1. yeah, you can find pretty much any item manufactured in the shape of Texas. i think we have some cookie cutters and a serving dish. i dont know what happened to it, but somewhere in the garage i have a steak brand shaped like Texas, too.

                                                      1. I live in Ohio, but I do have a Texas-shaped holder for cooking stuffed jalapenos on the smoker. This Christmas one of my Texas-living nieces gave me a grilling spatula that is also shaped like that state.

                                                        1. Texas rules! as evidenced by posts above lol. I've a large blue spatterware-style ceramic serving dish and a cookie cutter.

                                                          You can't swing a dead armadillo here without hitting a hotel that has a Texas-shaped waffle iron. It's an eccentric but very comforting shape.

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                                                          1. how timely - forgot I was on her e-mail list: from Leah at Hill's Kitchen (capitol hill, DC - get it?)

                                                            "We are also thrilled to have ordered Epicurean cutting boards in the shape of every state (sorry Hawaii, it just wouldn't be that effective)."


                                                            1. I have a cookie cutter in the shape of Ohio.