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Jan 2, 2014 12:26 AM

Do any of you guys ever bring your own Chopsticks into Chinese Restaurants/Buffets?

You know, you always get those cheap ones in most Chinese Restaurants that are supposedly made out of wood. They break quite often even before you get them out of the package, therefore I can definitely see other people purposefully bringing in their own. Some can be pretty nice, while others are just decorative. We used to have some really nice ones in the past (hell, we might even still have them, but I don't use them so who knows?) & my Brother just got a new set as a Stocking Stuffer for Christmas. I'd consider bringing in my own if I used them often, but I just don't so I'd like to hear if any of you do. What's your take here?

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  1. High end Chinese restaurants will even store the chopsticks of their regular customers. It's a form of recycling. They should be maxed of bamboo. Never having been to a buffet (just can't imagine food that is supposed to be served fresh with contrasting textures is going to hold up on a steam table). I see no problem with bringing your own chopsticks.

    1. Yes we bring ours. Mainly because ours have the ribbed bottoms. Most restaurants have the smooth plastic sticks and its very difficult to eat noodles with.

      1. No, but I like the idea. I do have a pair of nice plastic ones that I keep in my desk for lunch use.

          1. Just sounds like too much trouble. I can manage perfectly well with cheapo chopsticks or a fork.

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              Yesterday we went for lunch at our favorite Chinese place. They have the wooden ones that you break apart. I did and they were seriously warped :) Got a laugh and a replacement pair.

              1. re: c oliver

                I haven't run across any defective ones of that sort - yet. I generally take them home and use them to repair or extend the perches on my wild bird feeder, so as to save the planet