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Whether out or in, what did you eat on New Years Eve?

We had apps and dessert.. deviled eggs, 4 cheese pizza with ricotta, shitake garlic chive noodles (sub roasted eggplant for shitakes). vegetarian fried chicken strips with garlic aioli and mashed instead of fries, dessert trio of crème brulee on chocolate base with carmelized bananas, chocolate soufflé cake with vanilla ice cream, peach apple crumble (velvety and buttery) with caramel ice cream, All for less than $35 for two with more than we could finish (a couple items half price for happy hour), in a nice dark, LED candle lit booth and a visit from the manager to say happy new year.. All delicious and all at the Yardhouse in Lynnfield! Our car was acting up so we had to find something not too far or too late and were very pleasantly surprised that we ending up really enjoying it.. I just felt bad when I found out my mom and her friends that had ordered Chinese delivery at 4 pm so it would have plenty of time to get there, never got their food and ended up having orange jello and canned minestrone at 9 pm!

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  1. we had homemade clam chowder, biscuits from scratch, salad (spinach, sweet onion, baby tomato, toasted pecan, shaved parm, pomegranate dressing), and steamed lobster with drawn butter.

    edit: oops, noticed this was on the boston board, not general topics! my bad!

    1. Terrible about your mom!

      We had Dulock sausage (Toulouse and Russian), mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries and a Boston Bibb salad with watermelon radish, heirloom carrot, pomegranate seeds and blue cheese, London Fogs while we watched a couple of movies on the couch.

      1. We had 20 or so people here. I made a choucroute and a braised vegetable dish in red wine à la Deborah Madison, mashed and roasted potatoes, lentils, rice pudding for dessert. Guests brought salads,breads, apps and more desserts. We ended up with a lot of cannoli left over. Lots of food, good conversations, general silliness and good friends, What else does one need for a good start to 2014?

        1. Entertained at home. Made borscht, pierogi, gołąbki, and kielbasa in a sauce.


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                  I was actually planning on doing bigos for the holidays until I pulled out a few recipes, then put them back and settled for extra golabki.

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                  Nope, though I've long been a fan of the cuisine, love Cafe Polonia, got the kielbasa at Baltic Deli. That was just a random idea that Mrs. MC came up with. She tends to be anti-Polish-cuisine in warmer months, so I jumped at the chance. Perfect for the evening.


              1. Taco bar with the highlight filling being pulled pork from Moody Deli in Waltham, followed by Cards Against Humanity and Cabin in the Woods movie. A fun time!

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                  Ooh, I forgot that Moody's has cryovaced pulled pork. I haven't been for a few weeks and need to get back really soon. Since you said it was the highlight, I'm assuming you thought it was good?

                  I've really enjoyed just about everything I've gotten from there. If you have time, you may want to post it on the Moody's thread. I've been remiss in not reporting what I've liked but will do so after my next trip.

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                    Yes, everyone loved the pulled pork, myself included, and I am not a big fan in general. You are right I should be posting on the main Moody's posting as well, but we have liked the bacon (their house brand, not the other one they sometimes have), bologna, and sausage (can't remember which one at the moment). It's really a mixed blessing having this place in the town where we live -- way too easy to eat too much bacon.

                2. Takeout from Habesha.

                  Had those garlic noodles (chicken version) at Yardhouse the night before, though. Roasted eggplant would be a yummy sub, might try that next time.

                  1. Private club with friends. Started with various apps, then onto Caesar salad with marinated/grilled shrimp, baked stuffed lobster, chocolate bomba for desert. Cocktails and wines (pino gris and amarone), at dinner weren't to shabby either. Great food, great friends and a great start to the new year.
                    Happy New Year to All CH's,

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                    1. We had spent the week between Christmas and New Years in NYC and were tired of eating out, so I cooked at home. We had prime rib roast, scratch-made potatoes au gratin, creamed spinach, and southern style corn bread (no sugar!). Dessert was red velvet cake with a big scoop of Richardson's vanilla ice cream. We drank a ten-year-old cab from one of our favorite little vineyards in CA. Overall, a great night of relaxation - just what we needed.

                      1. A cheese/charcuterie spread from Formaggio Kitchen, couple of bottles of cheap Cava.

                        1. We did a huge hot pot meal, most meats and veggies from HMART. Rib eye, pork, tofu, taro, bok choy, various mushrooms, soba noodles, shrimp, salmon, watercress and more. Was great, ate about 2-3 hours from it.

                          1. My husband and I had a lovely meal at Sandrine's. We started with mushroom soup veloute and pear gorgonzola salad. I particularly enjoyed the soup. My husband had a perfectly med-rare sirloin with fingerlings and haricot certs with morel sauce. A nice and generous dish with maybe too much sauce for some. I had Coquille St. Jacques and crispy rice cakes. The scallops were nicely cooked and the rice cake was a pleasant accompaniment. We both enjoyed sharing a creme brûlée and a pumpkin ginger cake for dessert. A well-prepared meal in a warm environment, nothing ground-breaking but still delicious. Service was, well, serviceable, about what we'd expect on NYE. Adequate is probably a good word to describe it. The chef spent much of his time greeting diners and checking to see how everyone was enjoying his or her food, which was a nice touch.

                            All in all, the evening was just what we were looking for. Harvard Square didn't seem to be overly busy and we managed to find street parking right near the restaurant. The room was festive but not chaotic and we were able to converse and yet still feel a bit celebratory. A nice way to ring in the new year and reflect on the old.

                            Happy 2014, hounds!

                            1. I had no festivities planned. Following an annual medical appointment, I spent nearly 3 hours waiting for the 4 new tires I had to buy, to the tune of $600, because I had a single flat but being all-wheel drive, my car has to have identical tires and the old ones, though they still had plenty of tread, were a discontinued model. I had time to grab a quick brisket sub at Firehouse in Woburn, which I'd never tried before (meh), before going to see The Hobbit. My plan after that was Trader Joe's and some other shopping. Completely failed to realize, when the l-o-n-g movie got out at 6, that the stores would be closing early - duh! Double-duh, actually, since I'd completely forgotten to ask for a flu shot while I was at the hospital seeing the specialist. At least the CVS was open, so I stopped in to get that taken care of. Most of the restaurants I passed on the way home were also closed and I was not keen on cooking. So I settled on getting a couple of take-out pizza slices. By this time my day was long and disappointing.Then the fellow at the pizzeria handed over the slices and said, no charge. I protested, but he insisted, saying he was about to close up anyway, and Happy New Year. And just like that, it was!

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                                God bless us, everyone! Nice anecdote.

                              2. We stayed in and had homemade blinis topped with creme fraiche and "caviar" (American paddlefish from Baza - quite good, but not the same as sturgeon by a long shot), lobster scampi, and macarons from Trader Joe's for dessert (not as great as they sounded in a post here - jammy vs. creamy fillings were a disappointment in spite of good exterior texture and decent flavors).

                                Our beverages were mostly cava-topped cocktails: French 75, Seelbach, Old Cuban, and Champagne cocktail, and we popped a bottle of "champagne" (CA Mirabelle - very good in general and great for $25) with the blini.

                                Staying in was a nice and relaxing change of pace - we'll do it again.

                                1. We went to Sardella's in Newport. Excellent as always, and not as busy as past New Year's Eves. The antipasto was outstanding, while the lasagna and gemelli with chicken were both excellent as well.

                                  1. Fired up the Green Egg and grilled a couple Porterhouses and some radicchio and romaine for a grilled caesar salad.

                                    1. Takeout vegetarian delight and veggie fried rice from Water Lily. I asked for no baby corn as it bends my mind and taste buds, but they weren't doing substitutions due to busyness, and must have gotten a deal on mutant corn because the vegetarian delight was a baby corn extravaganza. I made El Diablos, and along with leftover chocolate-covered pretzels from x-mas and an Eddie Izzard DVD, the new year rang in merrily.

                                      1. Lunch at Strip T's/El Pelon mashup. Ordered almost everything on the menu with group of 7. Highlights were duck tamale, ceviche tostada and churros with hot chocolate.

                                        Dinner at Ribelle/North collab. 5 course Chinese-style menu with food served family style for table of 10. Favorites include "loud fried rice" and dry aged ham rice noodle. Dickens and something with smoked Coca Cola (forgot the name of) cocktails.

                                        Topped off with delicious homemade (not by me) terrine near midnight.

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                                          Wow , I am surprised that the vast majority cooked at home...And such amazing menus!.. We are inviting ourselves to all your houses next year!

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                                            Chowhound know that a lot of places out on NYE are less than stellar.

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                                            Huh? Where was the dinner held? In Brookline or in PVD? Bet it was fun as hell (I've not been to Ribelle but I think north is great fun.)

                                            As I posted on another thread, dinner was just me and B and take-out makimono platter from Gen sushi accompanied by Moet-Chandon and wine. Nice evening to stay in with your best friend(s)!

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                                              That Ribelle / North NYE dinner (held in Brookline) was the only thing that tempted me from my longstanding Shitshow Night Avoidance policy, as the Strip-T's / North dinner (held in Watertown) last Feb was maybe my favorite local restaurant meal of 2013. But I've spent an awful lot of time at Ribelle in the last few months; much as I like it, I'm glad we stayed home.


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                                                Late to post, but yes, Brookline. And fun as hell. As I did not go to the Strip T's/North meal at ST earlier in 2013, I can't compare, but this New Year's Eve Ribelle/North tasting menu was imo superior to the North/Strip T's collab in Providence (also 2013). That said, I love the regular menu at North!

                                            2. Ate in with a large group of friends surrounding the fireplace. Lamb shawarma, sweet potato gratin, kisir in lettuce cups, and a tomato-onion-cucumber salad. Generous cocktails for all and later, a few folks ate some ice cream.

                                              1. We rung in the New Year with some friends at a house party in Somerville. Many, many magnums of Champagne were consumed. So were many trays of chorizo and blue cheese stuffed dates. My almond crescent cookies went over well too.

                                                Here's to great eating in 2014.

                                                1. Spicy mussels, sushi 4 way, crab roll, ginger salad, steamed whole fish, chicken with mango, 2 hot pots and steamed rice.

                                                  1. We have an annual get together with friends for NYE/NYD. Both families cook and we combine our efforts into a continuous feast that begins at around 4pm on NYE and continues until about the same time on NYD.

                                                    NYE: Beginnings: home smoked salmon, deviled eggs with anchovies, buffalo wings, shrimp, cheese, crackers, olives. tabbouleh, chips, dip, crudite, herring. Mains: rIb roast, noodle kugel, salad. Dessert: cheese pie with blueberries and brownies.

                                                    Beverages: glogg, Prosecco, Cava, a Corsican red and a Tuscan red. I think that some ouzo came out later as well.

                                                    NYD: Early: Bagels, cream cheese, lox, whitefish salad, fruit, smoked salmon, herring.
                                                    Later: Leftovers from the previous 24 hours plus black eyed peas and rice for good luck in the new year.

                                                    It was a great meal. Happy new year.