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Jan 1, 2014 10:18 PM

Oakland Restaurant Week January 17-26, 2014

Many hounds favorites for Oakland Restaurant Week January 17-26, 2014. Prix-Fixe lunch & dinners $20-$40pp. Which will you try?


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  1. Links to restaurants do not yet mention any of the "specials" involved in Restaurant week.

    1. Those places are all pretty affordable. I don't see much point in doing a prix-fixe.

      1. Forge said on their FB page for Oakland Restaurant Week Menu:
        Lunch: $20 salad, pizza & soda
        Dinner: $30 soup, salad, pizza, dessert or selected draft beer

        1. More menus are up on the website, compared to earlier this month. I agree with Robert that the prix fixe doesn't make much sense, but the great thing about ORW is that a lot of good restaurants are participating. I don't think the same is true for SF Dine About Town.

          1. Scallops from the restaurant week menu at Pican were excellent tonight. Soup was a little sweet for my taste (think corn chowder) but my husband enjoyed it. Didn't try dessert. Shrimp and grits were great, as reported on the DOTM thread.

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              My co-workers wanted to try the Oakland Week lunch menu at Pican, so I found myself there twice in one week. Smoked catfish toast was very good and the grilled shrimp on chow-chow was excellent. After separating the shrimp meat from its shell, they deep fried the shell and served it along with the shrimp. I wish this dish was on their regular menu. The four of us all enjoyed the food and thought it was a good value. The weakest course was dessert, it was fine but nothing special.

              Their nonalcoholic passionfruit spritzer is a standout. I am a fan of passionfruit and try to order it whenever it shows up on a menu, in whatever form. The spritzer at Pican is made with fresh fruit, there's no substitute for passionfruit's perfume.