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Oakland Restaurant Week January 17-26, 2014

Many hounds favorites for Oakland Restaurant Week January 17-26, 2014. Prix-Fixe lunch & dinners $20-$40pp. Which will you try?


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  1. Links to restaurants do not yet mention any of the "specials" involved in Restaurant week.

    1. Those places are all pretty affordable. I don't see much point in doing a prix-fixe.

      1. Forge said on their FB page for Oakland Restaurant Week Menu:
        Lunch: $20 salad, pizza & soda
        Dinner: $30 soup, salad, pizza, dessert or selected draft beer

        1. More menus are up on the website, compared to earlier this month. I agree with Robert that the prix fixe doesn't make much sense, but the great thing about ORW is that a lot of good restaurants are participating. I don't think the same is true for SF Dine About Town.

          1. Scallops from the restaurant week menu at Pican were excellent tonight. Soup was a little sweet for my taste (think corn chowder) but my husband enjoyed it. Didn't try dessert. Shrimp and grits were great, as reported on the DOTM thread.

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              My co-workers wanted to try the Oakland Week lunch menu at Pican, so I found myself there twice in one week. Smoked catfish toast was very good and the grilled shrimp on chow-chow was excellent. After separating the shrimp meat from its shell, they deep fried the shell and served it along with the shrimp. I wish this dish was on their regular menu. The four of us all enjoyed the food and thought it was a good value. The weakest course was dessert, it was fine but nothing special.

              Their nonalcoholic passionfruit spritzer is a standout. I am a fan of passionfruit and try to order it whenever it shows up on a menu, in whatever form. The spritzer at Pican is made with fresh fruit, there's no substitute for passionfruit's perfume.

            2. Several of the sites for Oakland Restaurant Week are located in historic buildings. Seison (495 10th St.) is in the Washington Inn which was completed in 1915. Cosecha and Miss Ollie's (9th Street and Washington) are in Swan's Market (begun in 1917) which is included in the National Register of Historic Places.

              See more in Annalee Allen's column from the Oakland Tribune about the restaurants, including Trappist and Ratto's, in the Old Oakland Historic District area that grew up near 7th Street which carried the tracks for the transcontinental railroad:


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                The regular prices at Miss Ollie's and Cosecha are very modest.

              2. I will lie low for a week.

                1. Nido is, for me, the clear winner for Oakland Restaurant Week. The menu is $20 per person for a drink (beer, wine, or agua fresca), appetizer, and main course. At that price I assumed it was a lunch offer, but called to check and was told it is dinner.

                  Here is the menu:

                  Tonight when we went there was an additional main course chicken option. We had the pozole and al pastor. The food and service were both excellent.

                  Choice and real discount to encourage folks to try someplace new, just what I always thought Restaurant Week was supposed to be about.

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                    We did Nido for Oakland Restaurant Week tonight. Our first time there; and we also really enjoyed.

                    Service first-rate. The Restaurant Week special, a great (underscored) deal (per above).

                    I had the beer that came with the special (Pacifica). My husband had the quite good Sangria that also came with it.

                    We had the pozole to start--very good (maybe not quite as good as Cosecha's, which has become my bar--this was thinner, darker, the chicken a tad over-cooked).

                    I had the pork skewer--delicious, beautifully spiced, perfectly cooked--the pineapple, which had given me pause, was great with it. My husband had the braised beef, which he loved.

                    I also ordered the flan, because Birdsall and Kauffman raved about it in their "22 Hottest Mexican" list that just came out (see the thread on this Board). It was good; and the presentation was nice (sliced, w/ fruit sauce)--but though I really wanted to rave along with B & K, it was not transcendent--and I didn't love the fruit sauce (I'm not a fan of boozy fruit--and I had expected something seasonal and was surprised to get berries).

                    It was over all a really good meal. Delighted to discover this place. We'll be back!

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                      I am in agreement on the fruit sauce on the flan and Cosecha's (green) pozole. The first few times I just scraped most of the fruit sauce off, before I realized I could just ask for it without the fruit. A good cup of tea balances out the flan better than fruit.

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                        Your distinction re the pozole (Cosecha's as green) made me think pozole would be a great DOTM (a way to learn more about and find out where to sample different iterations of a dish one loves and would love to know more about.) Looks like it's been nominated in the past, but never chosen.

                  2. I went to Camino for Crab Monday this week, which happened to be Restaurant Week, but I don't think it was any different from their usual Monday. The crab from the wood oven was excellent, and the mezcal cocktail was very good.

                    1. I went to Marzano for dinner last night and had their excellent three course dinner for a very modest $20.

                      It started with a salad of beets and citrus (cara cara oranges) with toasted almonds.
                      Main course was either a kale pizza with tomatoes and olives, or spaghetti amatriciana.
                      The pizza was quite large for a single serving with the kale chopped up and covered with a bit of mozzarella, crushed tomatoes, and olives.
                      The spaghetti could have been a little less spicy. The heat tended to drown the other flavors.
                      Dessert was a chocolate boudin. A small moist cake covered with a dollop of caramel ice cream. A small, but satisfying plate.

                      1. What a terrific line up of restaurants! Don't know which one we'll try (after visiting them Oakland Museum it would be great to walk to one....) but so glad to finally see so much success in my home town.

                        1. Grand Tavern: It wouldn't be a restaurant week without one spot actively ripping people off, and this go-round, that spot is Grand Tavern. Their $20 "deal" offers a burger with two toppings and a draft Linden Street brew. The only problem: the burger with toppings is usually $13, and the beer $6. Dine here, and you'll be getting charged an extra buck for no reason.


                          1. Last night six of us went to Venga Paella for their prix fixe. For $30 you got a Tapas sampler plate of two pieces each of four different items. The Gambas al Ajillo and stuffed Piquillo peppers were so good we ordered more.

                            Then came your choice of three paellas (one vegetarian)...all were outstanding and served with an organic greens salad.

                            Finally three wonderful desserts...all outstanding and very different.

                            Included in the price was your choice of beverage....sangria, beer, wine, soda, coffee or tea.

                            Our vegetarian/gluten free member was able to chose in each category too.

                            The place is in the old Port-Lite, a dive bar that had local bands but closed many years ago. The space is nicely redone and it was a fun night. In the warehouse district west of Jack London Square it is right off the freeway and easy parking too.

                            Tried to upload photo of menu but it would not work.