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Would you want one of these?

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    1. Okay, I watched the entire video just to take in what exactly this monitoring fork is intending. My brain kept waiting for the video to turn into an SNL skit..then I'm realizing no this is for real..and the App...leader board for the entire family, photos with your friends, upload your daily progress. Well damn, they've thought of everything. Let's not forget the carry case! Yeah, that gadget is an SNL skit in the making.

      OTOH, if I had a special needs person in my life that needed to learn more control over their personal eating & chewing speed and subsequent digestion, MAYBE this type of training could help but otherwise....wow.

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        Just based on your post, sounds like a good idea for someone caring for someone with the Prader-Willi syndrome.....

      2. sure - it's going to go along with my refrigerator cop and belt warden.

        1. I will get one as soon as I get my oopsie loopsie first.

          1. After 17 years as a nurse working 12 hr shifts without scheduled meal breaks, and now chasing two Chowpups, I can (when the situation calls for it) eat so fast that the food barely touches my teeth. Not proud of that, but it is what it is. No way do I need a fork telling me about it!!

            1. I needed a gizmo that taught me how to use my asthma inhaler properly so the medicine would get deep into my lungs (it whistles if you inhale too fast and that teaches you to slow down) I do NOT need a fork trying to teach me how to eat! Unlike my cats, I'm quite able to control myself... (they tend to eat so fast they sick their dinner up again five minutes later, because unlike people, cats and dogs have very little self-monitoring capability for food. They eat until it's gone because they don't know where their next meal will be coming from.)