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Jan 1, 2014 07:00 PM

Misery Loves Company (Winooski/Burlington VT)

Funky little restaurant just off I-89 in Winooski. Plenty of parking either on the street or across the square at the community college.

No reservations, so we had to wait a bit, but the staff were friendly and chatted with us, so the wait passed quickly. We had the pork buns, which were a step up from the BBQ pork buns I get at Chinese bakeries in Toronto; a bit more saucy, and not as overwhelmed by a huge bun. The cod fritters were tasty as well.

We had their Meat and 3 sides special - fried chicken (more than we could eat), and three side dishes which complemented the expertly fried chicken delightfully (as did their homemade honey sauce). Dessert was a nice butterscotch pudding, with its caramel topping studded with sea salt, which made for a pleasant end to the meal.

We enjoyed the whole meal very much, and would return the next time we find ourselves in Vermont.

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  1. Because of the good comments I'd read in the past here on Chow I made a point to stop for lunch on the way to Montreal a few weeks ago. I liked it so much we stopped again on the return trip four days later. Creative, very well prepared and simply delicious sandwiches. We didn't have any sides. My only complaint might be that both times it seemed to take a very long time to get our orders.

    Based on how much I loved Misery for sandwiches at lunch, I'm anxious to try out their dinner menu if and when the opportunity presents itself.

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      Once i discovered Misery, we ate there lunch and dinner the last days of our October vacation in Burlington. Those guys seem to have the same innovative excitement about food- as a terrific young 4 star chef ib Boston (Tim Maslow of Ribelle) so we just love what they are doing there. i really don't think there's anywhere in VT that's like Misery. So glad you found it !

      1. re: opinionatedchef

        Hi All! Thanks for the tip on this restaurant. And it's nice to hear from a Boston 'hound too (that's where I'm from). I will definitely be checking this place out in May (our next trip up to Burlington) - it's on the spreadsheet!!

    2. Thanks for the tip guys.
      We always want to stop and peruse along that stretch on our drive through Winooski, lotsa interesting looking places, but never made it.
      Misery Loves Company will seal the deal.
      FWIW, I googled them:

      While almost on the subject, I passed by Pho Dang just up the street quite a bit as well.
      On our last trip, I stopped in on way back to the hotel for a late night snack. Its an old house-turned-restaurant with a very un-level floor with small dining room.
      I ordered pho for takeout, although they had other items including a daily special or two.
      I was impressed with the pho - very complex broth. I'd recommend this place as well.