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A butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker--new to Wakefield

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So- I've lived in Wakefield for about 6 months now & have tried a bunch of different places in the area, but am looking for some new & different options.

Here are some of the places I've frequented:
-Pace's - for coldcuts, meats, parmesean cheese, imported dried pasta
-Colarusso's Bakery - got a lobster tail and a chocolate eclair - not impressed. The lobster tail had a whipped cream filling; not what I was expecting & the eclair was just ok, not worth the calories. The scali bread was pretty good, though.
-Farmland - their lunchmeats are pretty good. Like their sub rolls, too, but their prepared foods are so bland and tasteless. Something about the place just seems lacking and it could be so much more.
-Morena's - good pizza; sauce a bit too sweet for me. I know people love their "Zazza" pizza, but it just didn't do it for me. Very nice, friendly staff, though & they keep me coming back.
-Creations cafe. Went for iced coffee over the summer and it was just awful. Haven't gone back since. Am I missing something?
-North Ave diner. Love the atmosphere - very friendly, filled with regulars and just a nice, warm neighborhood place. Their cinnamon raisin bread is really good. Like their omelettes; pancakes pretty good, too. They open for dinner a few nights a week & I've taken my son in for breakfast for dinner and the place is usually hopping.

I've tried a number of other places, too. Can anyone recommend anything else in the area? A good butcher, bakery, any good coffee (been to a few places in Melrose already; how about in Wakefield), takeout, etc.? Thanks!

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      I second Mamdou's bakery in Winchester on Swanton St. Great variety of breads and I think their croissants arepretty good too. I usually get their sour dough and sometimes the Pan Payson. Family owned and operated.

    2. In Wakefield, I like the coffee at Creations Cafe. My husband used to love the sandwiches at D'Amici's. (I've only been to the Melrose location, and only tried a few pastries, wasn't crazy about them). I really like the breakfast at Blue moon Grill, haven't tried their lunch.

      If you go north to Reading, there's Swissbakers and a few new restaurants - I forget which pizza joint just moved in, Portland Pie maybe? also fish market right on Main Street that I've been trying to get to. I haven't heard much about the Olde Redding Butcher Shoppe except for one friend who went once & didn't like it, but that was a couple if years ago. The bagel place on main st is supposed to be very good ( and mobbed on the weekends).

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        Oops, missed the part in your post that you didn't like creations. I haven't had their iced Coffe, only hot lattes. Was the iced coffee prepared fresh?

      2. Imported Italian products:


        Pizza - Lisa's Pizza, Angela's Rt Saugus

        Billy Roast Beef - Wakefield/Melrose line

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            1+ on Meletharbs. I live just down the street. Meletharb's is why I will never see 125 lbs again. :)

          2. I haven't been to Slice Pizza on Salem St. since they reopened, but it was one of my favorites a while back. Lisa's Pizza is pretty good.

            Coffee, Tea and Me and their new venture, La Qchara in Melrose has excellent coffee, and La QChara has a really interesting menu of Latin American food.

            I am a sucker for Gingerbread Construction Company's (at the top of the lake in Wakefield, also in Winchester) muffins, but they really are more like cupcakes, at least the frosted ones are.

            My favorite breakfast place is Cappa's Trackside Diner in Melrose, especially their pancakes.

            1. We moved here about a year ago and have tried out a small handful of places...
              Morena's, -Their sicillian pizza was wonderfully crunchy and light, which was very surprising. Have had the zazza and was very happy with it, haven't tried without.

              Dino's pizza and wings (unbreaded) were pretty good and the crust had a nice little char. Would recommend pick-up over delivery to ensure you're getting it as fast as possible home. We had hoped that we could eat there as their menu shows a warm inviting look, and it was an average take-out joint...oh well, still tasty!

              Slice. Been there once and thought it was pretty good.
              Our go-to is Lisa's since we know their wings will be pretty good and we like their pizza. It doesn't blow us away the way Morena's did, but still tasty.

              I imagine you've been to the other sit-down italian places? We just tried Cafe Italia and were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere, drinks, and most of the food. Their calamari was lighter and more flavorful than Sabatinos. Hoping to try Ristorante Molise in the next month or so. have you been?

              Our go to for breakfast is Brothers, it can be a little overwhelming, but I think that's part of its "charm"... We like it a lot because of the space, we can go with just the two of us or with a group of 4, 6, 10 and never been rushed out. The menu has something for everyone, for the most part.

              Bagel World in Reading is awesome! Their bagels are on the larger size, nice chewiness, and good flavor. Their cream cheese selection is also very good and they've got coffee to go (not anything fancy, but lots of flavors if you're into that).

              Farmland has it's own in-house butcher, I believe... I've gotten pretty good cuts of meat (nice variety of lamb cuts) and fish there. Their baked goods leave much to be desired, so if we're getting some treats we'll usually head to the Gingerbread Construction Company.

              We've had a couple good orders from Pit Stop; crunchy and well seasoned fried chicken, and ribs that are good, but far from Red Bones and Blue Ribbon...I'd say you're better off baking them low and slow, but in a pinch they'll do when you get the urge :)

              China Eatery is our chinese take out place, we tried another one once and it was super bland and the textures were off. Have you found one you like?

              Sakura just opened where Sushi Island was, so hoping that has decent sushi since it was so nice having Sushi Island right in town.

              When it's nicer out we'll also grab some Zuzu and take it to the lake, they've got pretty good sandwiches :)

              Sorry, not much of a coffee drinker so cant really help on that front. Happy to have found this thread since we're also looking input about food in this neck of the woods.

              Any good indian places in neighboring towns? That's one cuisine we are missing like whoa!


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                Regarding Indian places, we like Rang Bistro in Stoneham.

              2. For wonderful sausages and german/european imports foods try Karl's in Peabody. Its about a 15-20 minute drive from Wakefield