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Jan 1, 2014 05:22 PM

Southern California Specific Snack Food?

Trying to put goodie bags together for the guests at our wedding-the majority of whom are not socal natives. We wanted to have at least one item (besides oranges) to represent the local flavor but I am at a loss for some sort of candy or snack food to include. Any ideas?

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    1. re: Servorg

      WOW I love those Graber Olives. They seem to be the least salty of all commercial olives.

        1. re: d_doubleyew

          uhm duh! I don't know how I forgot about See's. Great suggestion!

          1. re: Jessattacks

            Sees is awesome.

            My grandmother used to make her own candy/brittle. My mom too, until her hands got too bad. Someone gave her a box of the sees toffee? She was in heaven!

          2. re: d_doubleyew

            Second the See's Candy rec's.... It'll keep fresh enough for your guests... I would give them each a see's scotchmallow or a see's lollipop.

          3. Medjool dates, my other options are mexican candies.

            1. Have a chip - Rumor has it made by the Hare Krishna's in Laguna Beach. Thin tortilla chips with a touch of soy sauce.



              1. Pica fresas (and other Mexican candy)