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Jan 1, 2014 04:57 PM

Best way to bring smoothies to work?

Looking for suggestions about what kind of vessel is best for transporting smoothies to work. Ideally it's something leakproof (I commute via subway) and from which I can also drink easily (i.e. with a spout or straw of some sort).

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  1. I really love the basic camel back ones with the straw.

    However for super thick smoothies where a straw doesn't cut these are good too.

        1. re: rmarisco

          Was thinking of that, problem is I can't toss it in my bag during the commute -- would have to keep it upright somehow which isn't always the easiest...

            1. re: DebinIndiana

              i'm gonna get me one of them! or maybe 5.... thanks for the link!

              1. re: rmarisco

                You're welcome. I think it is genious, too -- my kids got me a couple for Christmas last year.

        2. I love the Klean Kanteen products. The insulated bottles have all sorts of lid options - some of which are spill proof while others are not. An extra benefit is that it will keep the contents cold for hours.

          If you have an REI near you they carry bottles and lids

          1. Have you given any thought to bringing your blender to work? Bring your ingredients then blend it immediately before you want to drink.