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Jan 1, 2014 04:20 PM

Another option in Orlando

There is a new program, called i-4 Tours, based at the WorldGate Resort. They will have a program for Yeshiva Week and Pesach. I heard the caterer, Food Art Catering, is top notch in Southern Florida. I spoke to the person who is running it and they decided that the restaurant will be also be open to people who are not part of the"program" or staying at the World Gate for a buffet Breakfast and Lunch. Here is the link:

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  1. Just when is yeshiva week? My wife tutors some of the locals in the 5 towns/far rockaway area and appears to be getting differing dates from the students depending on what schools they attend.

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      some high schools start Jan 15, otherwise Jan 16-26, Some schools have less time off, as they had more of a vacation over Chanukah.

    2. My kids are off the third week in January (the 16th through the 26th counting the weekends) and I think most middle of the road Orthodox schools are off then. Some other Yeshivas don't want to give off the same week and they are off the following week. I checked the i-4 tours site and they are scheduling their program from the 17th through the 26th so that is probably the more popular week.

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        Funny, my wife is swamped with students from the 16th to the 19th (not counting shabbos of course) because of a big math test on the 20th at one of the yeshivas in Far Rockaway.

      2. So to clarify - The Modern Orthodox Yeshiva Week students would benefit from the i-4 Tours program. That would include co-ed and separate gender schools.

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          I can tell you that MDS,Yeshivat Noam, Yavneh Academy,Moriah, Maayanot, TaBC, Frisch,MTA,Ashar, HALB which are both separate and coed, High School and Elementary are all of then.