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Do you have someone you can call

In a home cooking crisis??

I ask because I had an issue making pea soup this week and had a number of people I could (and did) call. In the mean time as I was getting started someone else posted a similar inquiry here so I learned a few things. The key was none of it was "crisis" so no time sensitivity.

It got me thinking how the web has really become a "life line" for the "OMG- my xyz is still frozen, undercooked, looks weird, will I kill someone with this" situations when you need help ASAP.

So what's your knee jerk reaction in those moments? Do you immediately pick up the phone or do you go right to your computer?? Why?

ETA- one benefit I see of the computer is the opportunity to gets LOTS of responses in a short time period, the con is you also risk getting lots of conflicting responses.

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  1. Computer. My circle of friends, doesn't cook like we do. They would say chunk it and head to the nearest restaurant.

    1. I would look it up on Google. Chances are the answer will appear in a CH thread though.

      I have never had anyone to call with a cooking question, ever. I was always the best cook in my immediate circle. (Shhhh-don't tell them that!)

      1. As noted: Call me...next best thing to being there!!! anytime...

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          You have to actually post your number for that to work.

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            I'll show you mine, if you show me yours...
            My e-mail address is published and in that is my #

        2. I'm the one the family calls. And some of my friends, too.

          1. Depends on the issue. If it's related to a family recipe or involves cooking familiar to my broader family, I'll call my Dad. I have no friends to call (indeed my closest friend was surprised recently to find out that you can make mashed potatoes from actual potatoes and not a powder).

            Any other issues - it's the internet (for unfamiliar topics) or the Joy of Cooking (for basic technical questions).

            1. I go to my computer. My son is the only one of my immediate acquaintance who knows enough about food and cooking to help, and he is 4000 miles away right now - often sleeping when I am cooking!

              1. I don't trust people to answer me online, so that is always my second stop. If I'm just double-checking something I think I already know, I call my mom. For more complicated or taste-related problems, I call my step-mom, who is a more experienced cook.

                1. Grandmother, mother, computer. The order has changed in recent years and I now usually turn to the computer most often. However, for family classics, I pick up the phone.

                  1. I have a couple of friends I would call for a baking question. But for regular cooking, the internet. I cook more than almost all of my friends and I am their go to person.

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                      I completely forgot about baking, since I rarely if ever do it. While I come from a long line of amazing cooks, none are bakers or even attempt to bake so are useless for those sort of questions so the internet is all I have. I agree, I have no friends who I would call. Most don't cook and don't understand why I do.

                    2. Internet, all the way - and more often than not I find the answer on Chowhound. You guys are the best!

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                        I often (read, 90% of the time) search a question "xxxx Chowhound" or just search "site:chowhound.chow.com 'xxx'"

                      2. Computer.

                        I don't think my cooking savvy friends and family would appreciate phone calls at 3 in the morning.

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                          LOL! thankfully my cooking friends and family are local and I rarely have a middle-of-the-night food emergency other than jonesing for some munchies.

                        2. For family recipes - call Mom. For anything else - computer AND call my great-cook friend to discuss.

                          1. I call my daughter or my Uncle. Skype is a great tool for showing either of them exactly what I'm doing and how to best fix IT!

                            1. Internet and my mom, and my cookbooks, as I can usually find several versions of the same recipe. I can sometimes glean a hint from reading the different versions of what I am trying to do.

                              1. I usually Google to see if I can find anything, but mostly it's a lot of "Abraham Lincoln" said to do this.

                                Generally, I place more value on responses that seem to have a reasonable scientific (or logical) explanation than those that sound like wive's tales.

                                I learn from the experience and try to only make new dishes when it's people who're in my house or are up for adventures.

                                I save the tested recipes for company. :)

                                And there are two people on this board who seem to believe they know everything, so I think we should post their number where everyone can put them on speed dial. :P

                                1. If I need a real immediate answer as in right this second, I will call my sister or my mom. But more likely than not, I will go to the computer, which is conveniently located in my kitchen.

                                  1. No, I'm the one everyone else calls...

                                    1. In a crisis, I post on facebook and hope one of my 200+ friends will know what to do about it. And I make a posting here and hope somebody's online... (no I don't have anyone to call - my mother is on the other side of the planet... I'll ask her for advice when I talk to her but I can't say 'I need dinner help RIGHT NOW!') As a last resort I consult Dr Google and try to find an article about it...

                                        1. Youtube....has EVERYTHING!! and usually better than advices from your moms.

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                                            Speak for yourself. If my mom or dad were still alive they would be the first people I would call.

                                          2. For a "family recipe" I'll call mom. Otherwise its the internet. I might follow up with a phone call to mom or one or another friend after reading whats on line.

                                            1. YouTube and Google are great resources.