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Jan 1, 2014 02:53 PM

Mid Priced Restaurant

Hi I am only going to have free time in NO for dinner out 1 night. I'm a big foodie would love to eat at an expensive place, but people in my group and afford it. We are staying at the Sheraton on Canel St.

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  1. Can you possible define "mid-priced" in $'s?

    For me, even the most expensive NOLA restaurants are "mid-priced," compared to London, or Paris. Heck, even compared to San Francisco, NYC or Chicago.

    Also, is there a particular cuisine, such as pure NOLA, that you seek?

    Good luck, and please let us know a bit more.


    1. I'm thinking $15-$20 for the main meal, and Cajun or something I can find only in NOLA.

      1. I really like Boucherie, and it fits nicely into your price range. Though it's not particularly close to your hotel.

        Maybe Cochon or Sylvain could work?

        1. When are you coming Karleen? If y'all are staying at Sheraton if recommend Mr B's

          1. Mandina's would fill the bill nicely and the streetcar will take you right to it.