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Jan 1, 2014 02:03 PM

Do you think tartar sauce is gross?

Tartar sauce is gross, in my mind. I hate mayo and sweet pickles. It's creepy looking.

But when it comes time to eat a fish sandwich, I really love putting tartar sauce on it! Or sometimes dipping pieces of my fish fry into it! I just can't think about the ingredients of the stuff.

How about you guys? Gross, neutral, or love?

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  1. I like it but find it highly optional. It's kind of a stupid condiment when you start thinking about it, it seems invented by a kid.

    1. the opposite...I like mayo and sweet pickles but wouldn't dream of putting tartar sauce on anything!

      1. It has it's place in the food world.....I like to spice it up a bit with Chili/Cayenne Pepper and Horseradish......which coincidentally is what the Blooming Onion Sauce is from Outback.

          1. Hate it!
            I don't like Mayo or relish, so won't eat Tartar sauce.

            But I don't think it's gross, I just wouldn't eat it, PLUS when placing an order for fish in a restaurant I instruct the server that NO tartar sauce is to come on my plate. Leave it in the kitchen. I don't want a piece of my food to end up with some Tartar sauce on it, and I don't want to either have to smell it up close, or handle the small cup and remove it from my plate. Save the restaurant some money, don't garnish my plate with it and then have to throw it out.

            My parents always used this product, but always mixed in cocktail sauce. I don't eat the cocktail sauce either. All I want on my fish is some fresh lemon and pepper.