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Jan 1, 2014 11:52 AM

visiting Sherbrooke in february.

Looking for all 3 meals. ideas?

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  1. La Table du chef is a very nice restaurant for lunch or dinner: Well prepared, classic French food:

    My friend's experience at Antidote FoodLab was also excellent. It's only open for dinner though:

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    1. re: carolilas

      Thanks! Have you been to Antiquarious?

    2. I would highly recommend Auguste. Danny St Pierre is very talented. We had a inverted poutine. Sauce and cheese is stuffed into mashed potatoes then fried, it is delicious. We also had fish and chips and beef tartare. Everything was great and the prices are veryeasonable as well.

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        Thank you. I love those Eastern townships. I am a Cape Codder so if you ever need info!!