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Jan 1, 2014 11:12 AM

Restaurants in Westchester area for wedding dinner

I have been scouring the internet for ideas on where to have a private dinner for around 40-50 people after my wedding. We won't have any dancing, but instead we are looking for an intimate dinner with the closest people to us. If anyone has any recommendations that would be so helpful!! I have inquired with Red Hat on the River, Harvest on the Hudson and Benjamin Steakhouse. If there are any other ideas please share!

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  1. Vox in North Salem has a lovely room downstairs - beautiful setting and food. If its warm they have a lovely outdoor terrace downstairs overlooking their yard and gazebo.

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    1. Check out Jean-Jacques in Pleasantville. They have a lovely room right at the restaurant, or you can choose one of their catering locations.

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        Do they serve a sit down dinner? I thought they were just stand in line, wait for food and bring it to the table yourself.

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          No, they have a totally separate party room, to the right as you walk in. Full catering menu.

          The "Pleasantville Private Party Room" is the one at the JJ location, plus as you can see there are several other options.

          And here's the wedding menu (no prices, but they would be easily available):

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          Thanks for the suggestion! I'm looking to keep it at a restaurant instead of an actual venue. However, I'll keep it in mind :)

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            It's a restaurant. Kind of hard to explain, but go check it out. It's not a "wedding venue" or a "catering hall."

            The food is terrific.

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              Elisa, have you ever been to an event at the party room at Jean Jacques? I'm looking for a place to hold an anniversary party for my parents for about 35-40 people and it looks like a good option. We're most likely looking for a weekend brunch/lunch in order to keep the price under $30/head. I emailed them asking for more info. Maybe I'll start a new post about other possibilities...

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                I have peeked in at events quite a few times, and I've attended many events catered by J-J over the years. What I haven't been to is an event in that room.

                I'll pop right onto another thread if you'd prefer.

        3. we were extremely underwhelmed by Benjamin Steakhouse. If it we me, I'd skip that one. Would you consider the newly revamped 42 at the Ritz in White Plains? What's your price point per head? That might help us think of spots that fit the bill. Would you consider anyplace in Greenwich?

          1. It all depends on atmosphere and price, but I second Vox, Harvest and Red Hat. You can also look into L’escale in Greenwich, Rye Grill in Rye, Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry, Crabtree Kittle House in Chapaqua, Il Soriso in Irvington, Tarry Lodge in Port Chester, Moderne Barn in Armonk, Beehive in Armonk (economical) or Emelio’s in Harrison. It’s not in Westchester, but the Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton, CT is exquisite. Best of luck!

            1. The Inn at Pound Ridge just opened.

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                Yea, that's gonna cost a fortune as will Kittle house. But if You've got $$ to burn, oh why not!