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Jan 1, 2014 10:21 AM

I didn't rinse the brine. Mistake?

I brined an 8 pound roaster chicken in a basic 3/4 cup kosher salt, 1/2 cup sugar to one gallon of water brine. I did not rinse, although I patted dry before putting in the oven to roast. I'm afraid it might be too salty... did I screw up?

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  1. How long did you brine the bird? Overnight?

    1. Moot point since it's already in the oven, with no way to change things now. It depends on how much salt you like. For me, it would definitely be too salty.

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        I agree that it depends on preference. But also brine time and roasting method.

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          True. But I guess when panic mode sets in reassurance always helps.

        2. i forgot to rinse my 22 lb turkey on thanksgiving and it wasn't salty at all. i brined for 24 hours, dried for 24 hours then loaded under the skin with herbed butter. and the butter had salt. so much to do and a sick family, i just completely forgot. i think you should be fine. :) good luck!

          1. Chicken will be fine. Drippings may be a bit salty. If you want gravy, add unsalted chicken broth or stock.

            1. You'll be absolutely fine. This is yet another of those Myths That Will Not Die.

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                I've wondered about this too - if you brine, how much salt does brief, pre-cooking rinsing really remove? Some on the surface, sure, but not anything absorbed in a meaningful way. I've done Cooks Illustrated's home corned beef twice - first time didn't rinse and it was too salty for me. Second time did rinse and it was still pretty dang salty.