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Jan 1, 2014 08:26 AM

Steamed blue crab Vietnamese style?

A while back my husband took me out for Vietnamese style steamed blue crab at a very casual Vietnamese restaurant in a shopping center near Leesburg Pike and Columbia Pike. Anyone know if it is still there, or a place with similar steamed crab? The Vietnamese style seemed to be mostly from the spices and dipping sauces served with the crab. This was the messy, crack-it-yourself type crab.

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  1. I believe what you are thinking about is boiled, not steamed.

    There are two places in Seven Corners.

    In Eden Center, there is the Seaside Crab House.

    Then there is New Orleans Cajun Seafood in the Willston Center at Patrick Henry Drive and Rte 50, right near the CVS. I prefer the crab here. I really like their fried oyster po boy. The chicken-sausage-ham gumbo is also very good, but only if you are ok with a Vietnamese take on what gumbo should taste like. I am too much a fan of steamed crab to be thrilled with the boiled version, but this is what you are looking for.

    Please report back if you go.