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Jan 1, 2014 08:24 AM

pate sucree dough for suzanne goin's(sunday suppers at lucques) lemon tart

I made the tart and lemon curd was wonderful but the dough was hard and we had to eat it like pizza. first time failure. any thoughts.

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  1. It's five years now since I made this, but I don't recall any problems at all with the crust. In fact, based on my report from the time ( ), it was easy to make and work with. Can't imagine why you didn't have the same experience.

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    1. re: JoanN

      thanks... very helpful and interesting. will try again. think i over kneaded, over baked and rolled it too thick. dough is not my strength but practice makes improvement.

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        Tart Doughs such as Pâte Sucrée should not be kneaded at all. You want to work it as little as possible.

    2. This happens when the sugar ratio is too high. I haven't tried the recipe in question, but every now and then when not paying attention I swap the amount of flour and sugar called for by accident.

      Weighing the flour is the way to go as your results will always be consistent.

      Here's an article about weighing flour if you're interested:

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        Thank you so much. Weighing is the way to go with dry ingredients.

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          You're so welcome! :) Attached is a link to my recipe that I've used with quite a bit of success. :) Maybe it'll help or you can compare ratios.