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Jan 1, 2014 08:22 AM

looking for good pub grub in london. Sugggestions welcome.

looking for good pub grub in london. Sugggestions welcome.

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  1. Been a while, but try the pies at Newman Arms (Fitzrovia), bangers & mash at the White Horse (Parson's Green).

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      Also been a while, but the Coach & Horses on Bow Street (Covent Garden). IIRC, only sandwiches but very good sandwiches - quality ingredients, served generously.

    2. My favourite is The Bull in Highgate (that's not same pub as Bull & Last, also in Highgate). Has it's own micro-brewery and decent pub grub. And I love their Sunday roasts.

      Also second Coach and Horses, though I don't go often as location is awkward for me.

      Another big favourite is The Ship in Wandsworth, a way out of centre but worth it!

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        1. The Pilot, North Greenwich.

          The Heron, Paddington - might be stretching it a bit as they are more known for the exceptional Thai food served downstairs than they are for the English food upstairs.

          Depends on what you are looking for - I had a great duck dish in a pub a few weeks ago, while my dining companion lamented that his fish finger sandwich was "too posh", because it wasn't bird's eye sticks on wonder bread. (I actually agree on that - a real fish finger sandwich is a thing of beauty and a cuddly childhood reminder, not ethically sourced fish goujons, hand battered in tempura and served on a brioche bun).

          So there is a lot of room to move - is good pub grub a great burger, hearty pies and pints of prawns, or is it a pub that serves more 'refined' dishes?

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            IMO, good "pub grub" is good food served in a pub. Too many so-called gastro pubs are nothing of the sort - they are restaurants that are housed in what was once a pub.

            Give me a place where folk are welcome to have a pint and, perhaps, a game of darts as well as have their lunch or dinner. And if the food on offer is a well made steak and kidney pie (pastry on top, bottom & sides), with proper chip sized chips, then I'm a happy bunny.

            That is not to say that there is no bad pub grub around. I can think of many which I will describe, with derision, as "gammon & pineapple" places. Cheap ingredients, poorly cooked - but satisfying many Brits definition of a good meal being a cheap meal with large quantities.

            Not too familiar pubs in the central area, as I don't visit too often but, on a wider definition of "London", then I'll offer the Weir at Brentford.

          2. if you want great seafood you should go to Sweetings on Queen Victoria Street (very close to Monument tube). It is ONLY open for lunch an ONLY Monday to Friday. It is set up like a pub with several mini-bars seating 6 customers each on stools and with a server behind the bar. The server handles the cold seafood and hot seafood comes from the back - where there is also a sit-down restaurant. Truly great seafood.