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Jan 1, 2014 08:03 AM

Rehearsal Dinner in The Woodlands

Help! My son is getting married, we thought it was going to be in Galveston in August, but he just called to say it would be in March in The Woodlands. We need to put on a dinner Friday night for about 40 people. Price isn't necessarily a factor, we need a nice place with a room that can hold 40 to 60. Any suggestions????

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  1. I have very little experience with The Woodlands so don't have too many recommendations, but I did recently meet friends for dinner at Jasper's. I didn't love my entree, but thought that the prime rib entree I tasted was excellent. I'm pretty sure they have some private dining options, and the setting was very nice.

    I'm guessing also that Hubbell & Hudson probably does private events, and I hear lots of great things about them.

    1. I used to attend business events at The Woodlands Resort. I'm sure they can handle about anything.

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        They also do weddings, etc. Check link on previous post.