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Jan 1, 2014 07:53 AM

Jackson & Rye, Soho, London

Mac and cheese has nice firm macaroni, and an excellent crust of breadcrumbs on top to lend a light crunchy finish to each bite. The cheese part is weak, more liquid than a moist binding that allows the macaroni to cohere. Advertised truffle flavour was hard to detect.

The batter on the buttermilk fried chicken is superb - puffy, crunchy, with a tiny piquant touch. Underneath it's just plain white breast meat rather than the more flavoursome thigh, but it's very moist. Good coleslaw - balancing sweetness, creaminess and a sharp vegetal crunch to contrast the fried chicken.

Melting chocolate sundae was also excellent - a dome of chocolate at the top that melts under the pour of hot butterscotch sauce to add molten chocolate to the sauce. Nice crunchy bits of butterscotch as well. The ice cream held up well against the warm sauce, providing a good hot-cold contrast, bolstered by some whipped cream. A good unfussy dessert.

Typical prices for Soho - starters from around £5-9, mains in the low to mid teens and desserts about £6-ish.

Good strong Guatemalan drip coffee - earthy, smoky, with a smooth acidity.

Scrambled eggs on the next table looked good - moist but not liquid.

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  1. I sure hope their bagels are good!

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    1. re: zuriga1

      Didn't see bagels on the menu, but wasn't paying attention...

      1. re: limster

        Yes - there's a bagel with smoked salmon in their sandwich/bar section of the menu:

    2. Had lunch here last week and had possibly the meanest smallest Reuben I've ever seen. A single tiny layer of salt beef and a lack of Russian dressing made it a big disappointment. The fries tasted like MacDonalds and we're under cooked too. Soho has better American joints.

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      1. re: hyperion

        Marina review is in the Guardian today. She mentioned the meanness. I was planing on going for breakfast but may reconsider.

        1. re: Paprikaboy

          She seems to "do for it" fairly comprehensively.

          I like the side-swipe at the bloggers who get the freebie invites and so on. Just knew I should have started a blog - you know, we pensioners need all the financial help we can get.

          Although, truth be told, a couple of years back I was invited to write reviews for a fairly well known website that was wanting to expand into the north. As they said, they couldnt afford to pay me but that the PR companies would soon spot me and start offering freebies. Well, they havnt spotted my reviews on Chowhound over the last several years - which may say something about Chowhound, of course.

        2. re: hyperion

          Disappointing... thanks for the warning!