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Jan 8, 2006 06:38 PM

best thai in dallas?

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I have never had really great thai in Dallas and am looking to change that. any suggestions in central dallas?

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  1. Mango Thai on Lovers Lane
    Royal Thai in Old Town Shopping Center
    Bangkok City on Greenville
    I dont know if these are the best, but I enjoy all three.

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    1. re: Shawn2

      Thai Orchid on Belt Line in Addison is also very good.

      1. re: Kirk
        Anthony Gheno

        Jasmine's on the south-east corner of Custer and Spring Creek in Plano. I prefer their curries over the offering from Asian Mint (although Mint follows close behind) and my wife claims they have the best Pad Thai.

        I think I might give Thai Orchid a try tonight. :)

        1. re: Anthony Gheno

          Have anyone ever been to Best Thai in Addison? It hides in a small strip mall at:

          14833 Midway Rd # 100
          Addison, TX 75001-4945
          Phone: 972-239-6334

          And is the best thai (no pun intended) that I have eaten in these parts. I recommend that you start with the Salmon Rolls. Small rice paper wrapped rolls stuffed with a slice of cooked salmon with spinach and deep fried to a crispy delight and tied at the top with a green onion ribbon. Delicious.
          Then onto the main dishes which feature different noodle dishes as well as curries of your choice that pair up with a meat or tofu of your choice. A full bar is offered and the staff is prompt and comfortable with English. The interior rocks and one can impress a date at the very door of the restaurant that sports elephant tusks handles to the small enclave inside with a thatched roof for effect. Or one can sit on long sofa's at table and lean on the Thai armrests that give support to weary diners in grand Thai style. A hidden gem and one well worth the trouble to find.

          David Arya

          1. re: SecretAsianMan

            Thanks for the Best Thai reccomendation. I was very impressed with my first experience. I had salmon rolls, dumplings, chicken volcano, and thai steak delivered. Everything was very good. Looking forward to trying more.

            1. re: SecretAsianMan

              I've been a fan of Best Thai for YEARS! They also have two other locations - one on the northwest corner of Preston and Royal and one in Frisco. I haven't tried the Frisco one, but of the other two, I tend to prefer the food at the one in Addison.

              1. re: SecretAsianMan

                i love this place, i have been going to it for awhile now...excellent spicy noodles

          2. re: Shawn2

            Second Royal Thai.

            1. re: Shawn2

              Been to all three Shawn2. They're good.


            2. Not strictly Thai, but with mostly Thai dishes (and the best red curry in Dallas) - Asian Mint.

              1. s

                I liked Royal Thai. Never had a bad meal there. I also like Noodle Wave up on Spring Valley and Thai Soon on Coit.

                I also tried, but not in a couple of months Tukta Thai. That was quite good.

                And one really really nice meal I had was at Zoom up in Plano. That is Thai and Vietnamese. Quite delicious.

                1. Try Krua Thai on the SW corner of 635 and Abrams. It's in a sketchy hotel, but the food is fantastic. They even have Thai karaoke on the weekends.

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                  1. re: Lisa

                    Kru is great but it moved, Does anyone know where?

                  2. Hoping for "great Thai" in Dallas may be a lost cause, since there aren't a whole lot of Thai people here--only 1,179 in Dallas County, per the 2000 Census. Compare that with 23,752 Indians, 21,355 Vietnamese, 11,563 Chinese, 9,303 Koreans, 6,617 Filipinos, 2,761 Pakistanis, 2,611 Laotians, 2,193 Japanese, and 1,993 Cambodians. Without a large Thai immigrant community to support restaurants, it's hard to expect much in the way of uniqueness, authenticity, or quality. There are some decent American-oriented Thai places, many of which have been mentioned by others in this thread. But if you're looking for something transcendent, you're probably going to have to go somewhere where there's a larger Thai population (e.g., Los Angeles, with 20,040).

                    With that said, I really hope I'm wrong and that there's a hidden gem somewhere out there. If you find it, let us know.


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                    1. re: Scott

                      I generally agree with your observation, but if there are twice as many Laotions as Thais in the area, where are the Lao restaurants? The best Lao meal I've had in Texas was in Amarillo; I don't know of a Lao place in Dallas.

                      1. re: Dallas Alice

                        Buy Laotian isn't trendy and increasingly popular across the country.

                        Now why aren't there better Vietnamese restaurants?

                        1. re: Frolic

                          I'm far from the most qualified person to speak on Vietnamese, but much of what I have had around here (e.g., in the Richardson/Garland area) has been good. And I hear the options may be even better in Tarrant County (which, in a more concentrated area, has nearly 20,000 Vietnamese).


                          1. re: Scott

                            Ok, I guess I just need to keep searching.

                            1. re: Frolic

                              Not necessarily. You may just be more discriminating than I am. (Like I said, I'm no Vietnamese connoisseur.)

                              If you haven't checked out that area towards Garland, though, it's worth looking into. Just follow Walnut (not Walnut Hill) eastward from Greenville Ave., like you're going to Hong Kong Market Place. You'll start seeing Vietnamese restaurants and shops. There are probably 20+ just in the stretch between Audelia and Jupiter. At the Audelia end, try La Me (in the shopping center with Hong Kong Market Place). At the Jupiter end, try Pho Duy Tan. And if you find anything good or bad, please post about it here.


                              1. re: Scott

                                I happen to be a huge fan of Thai and Vietnamese but found it hard to find a good authentic Vietnamese restaurant in the area so normally we'd have to take a trip to Garland or Arlington. We used to eat at Pho Duy Tan in Garland but they're no longer there. Recently we went to eat at Banana Leaf and found Pho Delavie hidden behind it (on Preston between Campbell and Frankford). It's not like most other typical Vietnamese restaurants, they actually have very friendly service and the place is super clean! The food is amazing! We love their sampler and their grilled pork chop is the best I've had anywhere. The pho isn't fatty either and the beef cuts are lean. Now whenever we crave Vietnamese food, we just go there. I hope this helps :) -K

                        2. re: Dallas Alice

                          Dallas Alice,

                          Some of the Thai restaurants in Dallas are actually owned and operated by Laotians. By doing Thai, they're just catering to a perceived demand (among Caucasians).

                          And, even though there are more Laotians than Thais, there still aren't that many. I don't know what it takes to form a critical mass. There are 3,624 Cubans in Dallas County, for instance, but little in the way of Cuban markets, shops, or authentic restaurants. There are 4,020 Hondurans, but Honduran restaurants are few and far between (and sometimes cloaked as Tex-Mex joints, as is the case with the very enjoyable Brothers, on Maple). At 18,197, Salvadorans seem to get some traction, though not as visibly as the much smaller Korean population (at 9,303).

                          If whites in Dallas patronized independent, non-gentrified ethnic restaurants in meaningful numbers, it would be possible to have interesting, quality restaurants without large supporting ethnic populations. For whatever reason, that doesn't seem to happen much.


                          1. re: Scott

                            "If whites in Dallas patronized independent, non-gentrified ethnic restaurants in meaningful numbers, it would be possible to have interesting, quality restaurants without large supporting ethnic populations. For whatever reason, that doesn't seem to happen much."
                            - Again, thanks for speaking out. Here! Here!!

                        3. re: Scott

                          All of your census stats dont help anyone! There are good Thai places in Dallas and surrounding areas. Granted maybe not as many as California, Thailand or other places.

                          1. re: Shawn2

                            I find the census data helpful. I am someone. Thefeore, your claim--that "the census stats don't help anyone"--is absolutely false.

                            Also, I respectfully disagree with your claim that good Thai places can be found in Dallas and surrouning areas. That has not been my experience whatsoever. Tastes and opinions vary, however.

                            1. re: Chris

                              I'd have to agree with you, it's hard to find a good Thai place in Dallas.......And what I abhor are chains like Samui & Bangkok City (I assume Bangkok City is a chain, as I've seen several different locations with that name).......Really bad stuff at both chains.

                              The absolute worst Thai restaurant I've tried was in Arlington. It was a few exits past Six Flags, can't remember the name of it but there was a laundromat almost next door.......It was quite simply the worst Thai food I ever had the misfortune of sampling.

                              As far as good restaurants go, I used to like the Thai place next to the KTVT sign on 75 & Forest or Royal, before they changed ownership. The ownership change occurred around 5 years ago, I think.......Now they're average at best.

                              There's a hole-in-the-wall place at Inwood & 35 which isn't bad at all. The decor is horrid, as is the exterior, but it's run by a Thai couple who have lived in Dallas for 15 years or so.......Thus, it's authentic Thai cuisine. They only accept cash, though.....The best thing on their menu is basil eggplant w/chicken (in my opinion).

                              I gave up on trying different Thai places in Dallas when the majority of them weren't living up to my expectations. I'm not trying to be offensive or anything, but it seems like a lot of people have low standards for Thai cuisine here.

                              Places that were just OK, but not great, were:

                              Banana Leaf --Preston/Frankford

                              Nakhon Thai --in Plano at Parker & Custer or Alma, but I think they changed ownership as it's no longer under the name Nakhon Thai, so I have no idea how their food is now.

                              1. re: Savant

                                Nakhon Thai is now Jasmine Thai, and if you google the boards you'll find plenty of words of praise.

                                1. re: donnaaries

                                  I think the Bangkok City in Plano changed their name to Zenna (sp?) and now focuses more on "small plates". I think it should be open, haven't had a chance to go yet, does sound kinda interesting.

                                  1. re: luniz

                                    I went to the Zenna in Plano the other day and loved it. I had never heard anyone talk about it but it was really good and packed. I had the pad ke mow or drunken noodles and thought they were really good.

                            2. re: Shawn2

                              Well, don't leave us hangin. Tell us where to find good thai food! I happen to concur with the prior poster that the prevalence of good ethnic cuisine is related to population of the particular group.

                            3. re: Scott

                              Considering that there are more than 50,000 koreans (not less than 10,000) in Dallas County, then, I wonder if the other data is just as bad. I do not have much faith in the 'census' (based on statistical sampling) data when working with small demographic details.

                              1. re: Scott

                                This is for the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex, according to community leaders, Census and Dallas Police Department: (for 2005)

                                Cambodia 12,000
                                Hmong (Laos) 400
                                Korea 60,000
                                Laos 7,500
                                Philippines 30,000
                                Thailand 7,500
                                Vietnam 80,000
                                India 100,000
                                Pakistan 45,000