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Jan 1, 2014 01:24 AM

Juicy Lucy.

Do any of you guys make a Juicy Lucy in here? Which ways have you made yours & what Cheese(s) do you put in it most often? I made one last week & despite the fact that it was really tasty & filling I still thought that it would've been better to have just a little more Cheese in it, ya know?

For those of you who might not know what a Juicy Lucy is, it's pretty much just a Burger with Cheese not on top, but stuffed inside 2 patties that are later formed together. I highly recommend making your own Juicy Lucy Burger if you haven't done so yet. What are some of your ways/preferences of making it your best stuffed Burger?

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  1. I make a bowl out of one patty, fill it with Wisconsin Blue or Brick cheese, and cover with another patty. We are talking at least a half pound of cheese. Enough to share.

    When making for myself, I have been known to use Monroe Limburger with thick sliced onions inside the burger.

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      Do you then put Cheese inside those "Cheese Seasoned" Patties for your Juicy Lucy? I mean, a real Juicy Lucy is actually made with Cheese between the Patties rather than just inside them, ya know? I guess your way works out pretty good for you though, right?

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        I actually invented the cheese between two patties before I heard of the Juicy Lucy.

        Sorry as my description wasn't clear enough. I make a deep depression in one patty, fill it with cheese, and then seal with another patty.

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          How big of a Patty do you usually (like to) make?

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            For 8 ozs. of cheese, I use a pound or a little more for the total mass. Each burger is usually shared. The accoutrements are from Jimmy Buffet's recipe.


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              I made another one about 3 or so days ago with a little more Cheese & even some of it shredded both underneath & atop the slices between the patties & it really oozed & tasted better. I made the patties with some really nice Olive Oil, Garlic, Onion Shavings, other seasonings & even some more shredded Cheese hand pressed between each separate patty. In other words, it oozed with Cheese just right both inside & out without the feeling of being "topped" with a layer of Cheese above the complete patty. It was totally filling, yet I made 2 full versions of them & gave one of them to someone else already topped with ketchup considering that the one that I ate (& got full by) was also topped with ketchup & they enjoyed it quite a lot as I got some nice compliments for it. It was a good experience overall & I hope to make it even better next time. Then better after that!

    2. Try goat cheese, I like the tang.

      1. This might not be exactly what you're looking for from a Juicy Lucy but our family version of a cheese burger involves using up the leftover mac and cheese as a topping to a burger. Cut cold, into slabs, and then melted over a burger as it grills is just so good. I don't see any reason why you couldn't wrap your burger meat around the mac n cheese slab and hit the heat that way. I might have to give that a try!

        1. I have tried doing the filled business with the cheese in the indented burger.

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            Did you like it? What cheese did you use?

          2. Juicy (or Jucy, depending on who you ask) Lucys are popular here in MN, which lays claim to have invented them (two different bars claim the credit; it's a heated topic in this neck of the woods). There are several establishments that do the majority of their business serving Juicy Lucys.

            They're not universally loved here, however; some folks (me included) don't like them because to melt the cheese requires the burger to be cooked "well done". For those of us that prefer a burger rare or medium rare, there's no upside to a Juicy Lucy, only an overcooked burger.

            That said, there are several excellent combinations. One establishment ( serves the Blucy as their flagship burger - stuffed with blue cheese.