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Jan 1, 2014 12:45 AM

The Costco Thread (Ontario - 2014 - part 1)

A new thread to discuss Costco products, etc available in the Ontario market.

The previous thread is here: and has some great info but as some users pointed out it is getting quiet large.

We can see how this thread goes and if it gets too big again after a few months we can break it down by quarter otherwise maybe we can get a half a year out of this thread.

Please mention the location if you are discussing a particular find!

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  1. Glad that you've started a new thread. The other one was waaaaaay too long.

      1. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t write the prices or size so most of these are just from memory. So take these with a grain of salt ;)

        Location - Mississauga Central location
        New items this week

        Oceans Pole and Line Yellowfin Tuna - $9.99, 6 cans

        Earth Balance Peanut Coconut Oil spread, $9.99, 454 lb

        189 Hardwood by Premiere Moisson 3 box of mini croissant, pain au chocolate, and pain aux raisin. I normally don't buy frozen pastries because they use shortening or oil. These are the real deal! No oil, shortening, or palm. Just flour, butter, water, yeast, sugar, and the filling of raisin or chocolate. They're made in Quebec and they were really tasty. Crispy, butter, and I can’t believe it was frozen. For 3 boxes, only $11.49.

        Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel - $9.99, 1 kg. Seriously addicting. If you love caramel, this is a must try

        Kirkland brand Guatamala whole bean coffee. 907 g for $9.99. It’s seriously bold… I had to add more water than I normally do and it turned out to be fairly tasty.

        Strained Tomato in glass (I think it's called Victoria brand). 12 1 litre bottles for $12. Great deal. I think this is from Italy. It's been a while since I have seen glass containers for the tomato.

        On Sale

        Stirling Salted Butter - $3.49, 1 lb block. I have never seen this brand be this low. Yes, it's salted butter... but it's so much better than anything else on the mass market (Sealtest...)

        All of the Christmas items are gone at this time… except for the Godiva Christmas basket which is only $19.97 for a GIANT basket. I think it was $49.99 regular

        Lots of Cereal are on sale (Kirkland Maple Nut, Jordan’s 4 Nut Medley Muesli…)

        They weren’t a lot of items on sale compared to most regular weeks as I think they’re transitioning to the new year. I’m expecting a lot of changes next week and the sales to come back

        Limited Stock (not DC but looks to be selling out)

        Black's Family Cinnamon Twists - $ 8.49, 725 g. These are non dairy, no butter, no eggs, and low fat cookie flakey pastries. For vegans or people on a diet, these are pretty awesome. 60 calories for only 2 pastry twists.

        Lacey’s Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie - $10.49. These are the last of the Christmas cookies I saw. Maybe half a shelf left.

        Restocked items

        Made in Nature Organic Calimyrna Figs - $11.49, 1.13 kg. I seriously love these and they’re so sweet and juicy for a dried fruit!

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        1. re: Nevy

          they have stirling unsalted 84 churn butter at the markham east location 454g for $5.79
          i used to buy half a stick for more $$ at st.lawrence mkt

          1. re: Nevy

            Too bad they went from selling 6 bottles of (La San Marzano) strained tomatoes for $5.99 to 12 bottles for $11.99. I used them for my pizza's and 6 took long enough to use as I could make a dozen personal pizzas from one bottle. 12 is going to take forever!

            1. re: Flexitarian

              I use those strained tomatoes in soups, to make gazpacho, for pasta sauce and even for Bloody Marys if I thin it out a bit.

            2. re: Nevy

              Have you ever tried the Earth Balance peanut coconut spread? They had 750g jars at Billy Bishop for $5.99 last week - was tempted but didn't try it this time. Jealous of the Premiere Moisson pastries - I almost never see those at Billy Bishop.

              1. re: peppermint pate

                Those, I know for sure they have @ the Vaughan location. I saw them today. They really do look good. I wanted to buy them, but I'm not a fan of chocolate croissants...i's sacrilege for me to say that.

                1. re: kwass

                  Eeps, just when I thought we had so much in common kwass! I'd actually be just as happy with only the plain croissants - I like to bake them for my kids sometimes for a nice toasty breakfast treat.

                  1. re: peppermint pate

                    Sorry pp. Strange as it is, I've never really been a fan of chocolate pastries/desserts, with a few exceptions of course :)

                    1. re: kwass

                      Ah well, we'll always have Black Camel...:)

                      1. re: kwass

                        I'm quite amused by your icon and your statement. :). I'm assuming doughnuts and butter tarts are the only exception?

                        Before I forget, would you say most premade non bakery butter tarts are bad? I saw some 'grandma' butter tarts in the Costco bakery area. I'm not sure if they were new or not and if they were any good. I've never had a MC one so I don't know what a fantastic butter tart is supposed to be like.

                        1. re: Nevy

                          No, they're not the exception. I would never have a chocolate butter tart, and I tend not to eat chocolate doughnuts. I do, however, love the tuxedo mousse cheesecake from the Cheescake Factory that they sell @ Costco.

                          As for butter tarts, I would never buy non-bakery butter tarts...ever!!! And I don't want you to think that I'm being a snob when I say that, because I'm the furthest thing from a food snob. They simply don't compare.

                          And Nevy, you HAVE to try a MC butter tart. They are incomparable!!

                          1. re: kwass

                            I wouldn't think it is food snobbery to consider weeks old baked manufacturer goods comparably to freshly made bakery items. Sometimes an item surprises you though... Like those frozen croissants. :)

                            It's like the 2 premix bar cookies they have at Costco. The ghiradelli brownie mix and the Starbucks copycat cranberry bliss bar (btw, it's on sale for 4.97). As much as I love the idea, I don't think they're going to as good from making them from scratch.

                    2. re: kwass

                      The plain and raisin makes up for it. Honestly, if you bake these up a bit longer than specified, the outer layers just shatters crisply and then gives way to a buttery soft interior. Easily the best frozen croissant I ever bought. I've never seen outer layers separate on a premade frozen before.

                      As for the coconut spread, I haven't tried it. I'm curious because I have no idea why you'd cut peanut butter with 2 other fats and a syrup. It has coconut oil, palm oil, and agave syrup. I rather have just 100% peanut.

                      1. re: Nevy

                        Yeah, same, I didn't buy it because I worried it would be sickly sweet. I like the 100% peanut butter from the Big Carrot. But it did catch my eye.

                        1. re: peppermint pate

                          Perhaps someone can enlighten me more about the brand but I suspect it's trying to ride the 'coconut oil' trend. If it was truly about using coconut oil for its great health benefits, it wouldn't use palm oil.

                          Big Carrot... Now that is an old name I haven't heard in a while. It's too bad it's too far from me now. I wonder if they still have those really tasty date bars.

                          Oh ... back to Costco, my friend just told me about her ridiculous after Christmas sale spree. They had the 1 kg Pannetone grappa custard filled (made in italy) for $3.97. It makes awesome french toast supposedly. She also grabbed the 3 box if after 8 for 6.97 and the large container of quality street for only $5.97. Turtles (2 box) was only $4.97. This was in Ottawa.

                          1. re: Nevy

                            I've tried various kinds of jarred and fresh ground 100% peanut butters but Big Carrot is my favourite (Bulk Barn is good too).

                            I must say this thread has really shown me how much product variation AND pricing there is between Costco locations.

                          2. re: peppermint pate

                            That's strange that the 100% peanut butter from the Big Carrot was sweet. I buy in-house made peanut butter from health food stores all the time and it's always perfect, not sweet @ all. In fact, since I've started buying it, I never buy store brand peanut butter anymore.

                            1. re: kwass

                              Oh no, I was worried the Earth Balance peanut and coconut spread would be sweet - Big Carrot peanut butter is perfectly not sweet.

                          3. re: Nevy

                            Ok, you've convinced me Nevy. And truth be told, I'm sure it won't be difficult to find someone who would take the pain au chocolate from me ;)

                            1. re: kwass

                              Ha! I hope it delights others as well... I found the baking direction resulting in underwhelming pastry so that's why I recommend a touch longer.

                              1. re: Nevy

                                I do the same thing - and usually flip them over once so they crisp up nicely on both sides. I wish I had some in the freezer to bake up tomorrow morning when it's minus a million...

                                1. re: Nevy

                                  How much longer do you bake them?

                                  1. re: kwass

                                    I want to say that I baked them for another 5 minutes but I really just starred at them for the last few minutes and eye balled it more for colour. The directions resulted in a pale blonde lightly puffed croissant so I raised the temp another 25 F and left it in. When the outer shell was a light bronze, I took it out and ate over the sink. ;)

                                      1. re: kwass

                                        I made a few of them this morning and I love how these rise up so much into crunchy layers

                                        1. re: Nevy

                                          They look delicious Nevy. I can't wait to make them. I'm going to pick some up next week.

                          4. re: peppermint pate

                            I was very tempted by the Earth Balance peanut coconut spread but saw it contained palm oil. Trying desperately to avoid products with palm but it's difficult.

                            Of course I could just try mixing together nut butter, coconut oil and agave and see what happens!

                          5. re: Nevy

                            Where did you find the 189 Hardwood by Premiere Moisson 3 box of mini croissant, pain au chocolate, and pain aux raisin? Maybe in the frozen areas?

                            1. re: Herne

                              Yes, they are in the frozen section, with the frozen cakes and pastries.

                              1. re: kwass

                                I've only seen them at Mississauga Central location. It's in the outer freezer aisle on the top.

                                1. re: Nevy

                                  Still there? I had seen them before Christmas at the Scarborough location but then they disappeared, I assumed they were a holiday item.

                                  1. re: cheesymama

                                    It's still there but it's limited. I'd say half the shelf is remaining.

                                    1. re: Nevy

                                      Thanks, I'll have to determine how much I want to try them and figure out if I can fit the trip in Tues or Wed.

                            2. re: Nevy

                              From Nevy, "Stirling Salted Butter - $3.49, 1 lb block. I have never seen this brand be this low. Yes, it's salted butter... but it's so much better than anything else on the mass market (Sealtest...).."

                              Fans of Stirling butter can find it at Giant Tiger this week for $3.79/lb. It is salted, and regular , not high bf, but it has a higher Vitamin A content than other butters, and rich flavor.

                              1. At the Scarborough location, I noted a delicious new product in the frozen section - Select Signatures Light English Muffin Sandwiches (basically a turkey "sausage mcmuffin" with egg whites) 12 per pack about $14.99 (expensive but cheaper than starbucks or mcdonalds) 200 calories.

                                Had one for breakfast today - the English muffin was slightly smaller than I expected but easily heated from frozen and very decent taste prompting me to want to eat more. :) Good for morning rush to work.

                                Also the chicken cilantro wontons also located in the freezer section are back after being absent for at least a year.

                                Noted the Barkthins (dark chocolate with pumpkin seeds and sea salt) are not available any more and the bellavitano cheese. Delisted or seasonal?